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Grey RV cover on an RV

How to Choose an RV Cover for Winter

Imagine spring, when you can finally take your RV out of storage and hit the road for the first time after a long winter. You open the door and expect to see the interior in mint condition—just how you left it. But instead, it’s a disaster, complete with leaves, bugs and other critters that do not belong in your class A. This could happen to you if you don’t invest in an RV cover…

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Holiday lights in Oregon viewed threw a lavender thicket

The Essential Holiday RV Tour of Oregon for Snowbirds and Locals

Oregon abounds with festive holiday spirit at this time of the year, and whether you’re snowbirding and just passing through, or you’re a native Oregonian, it’s time to pack up your RV and head to the festivities happening around the state this month. From quaint, historic villages decked out in holiday cheer to craft markets, parades and stunning displays of lights, there’…

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2014 R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 25BHS

Our Review of the 2014 R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek

Many Guaranty customers maintain active, healthy lifestyles that include traveling with their RVs and travel trailers to great outdoor destinations. For weekend warriors and outdoors enthusiasts, we think there’s no better choice than the 2014 R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek. This lightweight RV is affordable and can be towed by most SUVs with a big V6 engine and most half-ton trucks. Whether you&r…

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Black RV water tank on a white background

How to Install an RV Water Tank

You know your road trip has gone south (and no I don’t mean to the southern states) when your holding tanks fill up and you’re nowhere near a place to dump. Or there’s that moment when you hop in the shower and nothing comes out when you turn it on. If you’re going to stay sane through your next RV getaway, you’re going to need a solid water tank that suits your needs…

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RVs at Grand Canyon National Park in March

Our Top 5 Fuel Efficiency and Money Saving Tips For Boondockers & Snowbirds

The recent dip in gas prices this fall is good news for four-season RVers, boondockers and snowbirders, and with any luck, the cost of gas will keep going down for summer family camping and toy hauling. Saving money at the pump means more vacations, right? That’s why, here at Guaranty RV, we’re interested in fuel efficiency and ways you can conserve your RV resources like electricity …

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The University of Oregon Ducks play the Oregon State University Beavers at Reser

Guaranty's Big Bet: Are You a Duck or a Beaver?

Guaranty’s Big Bet Civil War promotion is back, and this year, the stakes are higher than ever. Guaranty owners and father-son duo, Herb and Shannon Nill, are rooting for their rival teams: Herb’s University of Oregon Ducks versus Shannon’s Oregon State University Beavers. They’ve shaken hands on their annual wager on which team will win, and they’ve proposed another …

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RVs in a snow covered RV park

Weatherizing your RV

The great thing about Oregon, is that RV season runs all year long. This time of year, you get to choose: Winterize or Weatherize? Heading up to Mt. Bachelor for some snowy fun this weekend? Weatherize. Taking a break and letting your RV hibernate for the rest of winter? Winterize. Whether you are taking your RV out or putting it away for winter, there are some steps you should take to prevent pot…

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Gas prices listed on a blue sign

A Dip in Gas Prices Equals More Fun in Your RV

For a few months now, Americans have been hurting at the pump, but with a recent dip in gas prices, now is the perfect time to get out on the road in your RV. This month, gas prices hit a low for 2014 when AAA reported a national average gas price of $3.267 per gallon, and this downward trend is only expected to continue in the coming months. But, then again, gas prices fluctuate often and can b…

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exterior of the expanded Guaranty RV Travel Center

Guaranty RV Super Centers Expands with New Travel Center

Guaranty RV Super Centers, one of the nation’s largest RV dealerships, has expanded its Junction City, Ore. facilities to offer the Guaranty RV Travel Center, which is unlike any other travel center currently found in the United States. The travel center, located at 93668 Hwy. 99 S, Junction City, Ore., is a convenient collection of goods and services specifically for the RV traveler. &ld…

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Small travel trailer towed by a pickup in the snow

Winterizing: Putting Your RV to Bed For The Winter

It’s just about the end of the 2014 spring-through-fall camping season, and a lot of RVers in the northern half of the U.S. are getting ready to put their RVs away for the winter. Getting your RV winterized for storage at the end of the camping season is a must any place where temperatures are regularly going to drop below freezing, and that includes western Oregon. Although we’re famo…

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