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Ed Morgan
Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

About hydroplane racing and why you can’t ever quit trying to win

Dear Team: In one of my earlier lives before Guaranty, I lived in Las Vegas for a few years as the controller for a company called Arneson Marine. Arneson built outdrives for high performance boats that were used by (among others) smugglers and shortly thereafter federal drug enforcement agents. We did not actually sell to people we knew to be criminals, they just ended up with a few boats equip…

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Guaranty RV
Sylvan Sport Go with tent and bikes

Off-Road RVing: RVs for the Road Less Traveled—Part 1

We’re writing this blog for a certain sort of RVer. Here are some traits that typify this special kind of RVing enthusiast: You’ve always loved getting away from civilization, out to where all you can hear are the crickets and coyotes. However, your back is not going to be happy with you if you make it haul a tent and gear into the wilderness to get away from said civilization. That …

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stuffed monkey

Guaranty is a Monkey Drive drop-off location

What is more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Collecting them for the kids at Doernbecher Children's Hospital! Keith Urban is one of the artists set to appear this year at the Bi-Mart Country Music Festival in both Brownsville and Medford. His fan club, The 'Ville, collects stuffed monkeys during an annual toy drive and gives them to deserving children. The local chapter will bring all collected monk…

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Guaranty RV
Tide pool Bridge, Oregon

RV Awards: Best RV Resorts & States to RV

RVers know that one of the best things about a new year is looking forward to new camping and road trips. We admit it; we’ve already started making campground reservations and mapping out routes for 2017. If you’re doing the same thing, and trying to narrow down your options, we’ve got some helpful hints from Motorhome Magazine and Trailer Life Magazine. Both recently published…

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Ed Morgan
Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

Thoughts on sexual harassment in the workplace

I want to tell you a story about Bob Packwood, the former senator from Oregon and his fall from grace. Those of you old enough to remember him, remember a dashing young politician who in 1968 against all odds unseated the legendary Wayne Morse for his US Senate seat. I was a sophomore in high school at the time and to me and my classmates, he represented everything that was cool and hip about pol…

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Marshall White
Sabrina and family winning the Jayco Trailer from Guaranty

Congratulations to our 2016 Trailer Giveaway Winner

What a fun evening at the Eugene RV Palooza when Sabrina was the lucky finalist whose key opened the brand new 16' travel trailer from Guaranty RV Super Centers. Sabrina calls Albany home and was so happy to share the prize with her family, including her daughter, who was celebrating her birthday on the same day. Her daughter claimed, "She knows she is going to win this trailer on her birthday," a…

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photo auctioneer sells Dodge truck

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Two generous community members outbid the competition at the Extreme Auto Shop Smackdown truck auction held Saturday, December 10, 2016 in Junction City. Guaranty Chevrolet donated two trucks that were reconditioned by the Springfield High School Advanced Automotive students under the leadership of Head Auto Shop Instructor Mark Simmons. Auctioneeer Tony Sheppeard provided the bid calling. Bidde…

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Ed Morgan
Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

The difference between being a champion and an also ran

Dear Guaranty: As much as I hate to bore you with another swimming story, I am going to bore you with another swimming story. Water is ten times the density of air, so to move through the water with any efficiency lots of little things matter. Here is what I have to think about in the average 50 yard swim. Push off the wall, get into as tight a streamline as possible, arms extended, hands on …

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Santa and Shannon Nill shaking hands

2015 Sock Drive is Guaranty's best yet

While most may shrug at the possibility of getting socks for Christmas, for others, it’s a blessing and a big warm smile. Which is why Guaranty has helped collect socks and hats for the needy for the past 10 years. This year, Guaranty was able to make their largest donation to date. In total, Santa and his Guaranty helpers dropped off over 2,000 pairs of socks, 50 hand-knitted hats and a tot…

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Guaranty RV
Fifth Wheel RV

2016 RV Awards: The Best Motorhomes and Towables - Part 2

Last week we got the opportunity to talk about the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards and this year’s RVDA winners among Class A and Class C motorhomes. This week, we’re going to continue the fun by taking a look at the Class B (campervan) winners, and also the best of the best towables. Motorhomes: Best of 2016—Class Bs If you’re a couple or small family looking for…

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