Why Should I Buy A Heartland Torque Toy Hauler?

You should buy a Torque toy hauler because they’re built by Heartland, and the Heartland approach is different from the competition. Most toy haulers feel like a place for your toys with some RV amenities forced in, but the Torque line of fifth wheels and travel trailers are more traditional RVs with room for your toys. I say ‘’’more’’’ traditional because Heartland does not adhere to the industry traditions in any of their products, and that could not be truer than with the Torque. Just because you like to play hard doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy luxury. The residential look and feel, designer furniture, first tier kitchen appliances, solid surface countertops, matching window treatments, and ample picture windows are comparable to much more expensive RVs and are a new level of luxury for a toy hauler. Ceramic toilets, sleeping for 7-8 people, bath and a half, outside kitchen, heavy duty rack and pinion slide outs, Mor-ryde RV steps, and a king size master bed add serious value to this Heartland Toy Hauler.

Will it fit my side-by-side UTV?

The Heartland Torque garage dimension is a nice fit for a side by side quad. The interior garage length of the Torque Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels range from 13′ to 15’10” long from the ramp door to full interior wall. When measuring from the ramp door to the furtherst tie downs, the length is 10’7″. There is a bathroom and washer alcove tucked into the front passenger corner of the garage, which creates a narrowing to 6′ 5″ wide when the bathroom wall is unclipped in the open position. However, the vast majority of the garage measures 8′ wide. There is room for a motorcycle or two and a Polaris RZR. With the bathroom wall clipped into the closed position, the front alcove width measures 5′ 7 3/4″ and the height drops to 6’4″ tall. The garage is fully enclosed with a nice seal around the door to help prevent fumes from entering the main living quarters. And it comes with a 30 gallon auxillary gas tank and fueling station. As always, double check the garage dimensions to be sure it’s compatible with your toys.

Why Should I Care, I Just Want To Ride!

If you truly just want to ride, then you shouldn’t care. Luckily it’s impossible to only ride because eventually you are going to need to eat and sleep, or at least refuel.

Yes, you can eat and sleep in a tent, the bed of your truck, or a utility trailer but we don’t suggest answering the call of nature in any of them and none of them come with an onboard fuel station. The longer the day of ripping it up, the more a hot shower and cozy couch in front of the flat screen and electric fireplace sound like heaven, oh and I promise the wife and kids care about base camp comfort and design. Okay, again why should you care? Because being able to rough it doesn’t mean you should. Because having an amazing weekend of riding planned doesn’t mean Mother Nature isn’t going to ruin those plans. Because you only care about how many quads the garage will hold doesn’t mean the family chef will be satisfied with a portable BBQ. And because riding and camping are better as group activities and the best way to gather a large group is to give them a comfortable place to relax, enjoy good food, and maybe catch the game on TV.

Okay, Comfort Is Good But I Am Hard On My Environment, How Is This Fancy RV Going To Hold Up?

Heartland doesn’t intend to hide some of the many quality features of the RVs they manufacture, but the construction materials and practices used across their vehicle offerings can be hard to see in the finished product.

Unless you’ve built or repaired a Heartland RV you wouldn’t know they were the first to use 50 pound ball bearings in their full extension drawer guides. That they use plywood tongue and groove in their floors and a composite material for the slide box floors, the patented “cab over titanium technology”, or the fact that Heartland uses Shaw carpeting and cold crack resistant flooring throughout. Laminated sidewall and slide boxes, a high capacity ramp door that supports up to 3,000 pounds, and a fully painted fiberglass front cap make the Torque line just like you, tough but it cleans up well. As a taller person, I really appreciate the 7′ tall slide-outs so I’m not ducking and bending over. Of course, the tilting kind bed is darn near as big as you can get in an RV. The quality found in the Torque line is not limited to design or construction. The components Heartland chooses to use in their RVs are consistently some of the best available. They use Furrion appliances, Ashlyn Cabinetry, Dexter axles, Thetford commodes, and the list of recognizable industry names goes on. Heartland prides itself on listening to the customer and incorporating those requests and recommendations into their next generation engineering. The fuel and oil resistant rubberized TPO diamond plate flooring in the garage area, huge pass through storage, and the dual output rear cargo lights are all examples of Heartlands ongoing quest to build the most functional luxury toy hauler available.

Sounds Good, But Its Got To Be Expensive!

The Torque line is neither the cheapest nor the least expensive toy hauler on the market. It is however the most valuable toy hauler on the market, in our opinion. Of course if you are only looking for cheap you may have gotten some great ideas from the second paragraph and stopped reading. If not now you’re thinking, “Wait, aren’t the cheapest and least expensive the same thing?” No, sometimes the cheapest version of something ends up costing far more because you are constantly fixing it or you eventually replace it completely and sometimes the expense of a vehicle can be confused with its value.

Torque is a high line RV at a midline price but has incredible value when it comes to durability and resale. So while it may be easy to spend less it is hard to get more for your buck than what Heartland has engineered into the Torque line of travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Okay, So I’ve Got To Have A Torque Where Do I Buy One?

The old cliché that “we know you have many places to spend your hard earned money, but we feel we are the best choice,” is trite but true.

Not only do we strive to have an amazing selection of Torque toy haulers in stock, we order them with the options our customers ask for the most. Might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how few dealerships are willing to pay for these upgrades without a customer commitment. Just like Heartland; Guaranty RV Super Centers listens closely to the wants and needs of our customers and strive to refine our products and processes to provide a world-class experience. Our relationship with Heartland goes way back and that long standing relationship means you have a dealer and a manufacturer partnership that’s main goal is your enjoyment and satisfaction. Guaranty RV Super Centers and Guaranty Discount Chevrolet are at a rare advantage. We sell not only new and used RV’s but also new and used cars, trucks, and suvs. So if you need a tow vehicle or you need to upgrade your current option to comfortably tow a Torque travel trailer of fifth wheel, let us professionally match your vehicles and have the proper tow equipment installed by our highly trained service staff. At Guaranty RV we even offer a driving school at the majority of our sales events and on our lots by appointment, so if you are excited about the RV lifestyle but not so excited about the maiden voyage we can help turn you from novice to confident. For all of these reasons Guaranty RV Super Centers is the best place to buy your Heartland Torque, but if you need one more reason
”We Don’t Just Sell Fun, We Guaranty It !”

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