What Is A Turkey Bonus?

Gobble Gobble!Currently over 400 of your friends and neighbors form the Guaranty Family, and we are thankful for them all. That number encompasses both Guaranty Locally Owned Chevrolet and Guaranty RV Super Centers and all the various departments that comprise each company. Despite Guaranty’s physical presence along Highway 99 and our over four hundred full time employees, Guaranty is a small business at its heart. While Guaranty has grown significantly since Herb Nill opened the doors in 1966, it has never outgrown this fact. Not small in size and committed to continually growing our ability to service our community, as the new RV Body Shop, Chevy Certified Service Center and RV Park demonstrate. Guaranty is keenly aware that its our team that makes us special, so when we say Guaranty is a small business at its heart it is because we haven’t lost the feeling of family. Small things are easy to overlook in our hectic world, but those same small things can go a long way to show appreciation if we slow down and smell the turkey. Every Thanksgiving the Guaranty team receives a Turkey bonus, a tradition that dates back to the beginning as described by Guaranty President Shannon Nill.

“The Turkey give-a-way began very early in the 1960’s at Guaranty Chevrolet with my Dad. As a Chevrolet Dealer he wanted to encourage Guaranty Families to gather over a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner together and to each count our blessings. He also wanted to give out the actual Frozen Turkeys so the best opportunity of a proper gathering took place. Today with a larger number of employees we are still doing this for the same reasons as in the past though we give out a certificate for the Turkey now. We preorder enough Turkeys for every employee in both Guaranty Chevrolet and Guaranty RV. This year the number is at 403 total Employees who will enjoy a wholesome Thanksgiving Dinner”

Family values, family owned, and family run are terms that have taken a bit of a beating recently. Most to blame is the over use of these slogans in advertising making them hollow. They now can conjure up negative images, which is unfortunate because the message is valid, even if it has been lost in translation. Sure family run can mean the worst of the Mom and Pop store experience but at Guaranty it still means what it has since 1966. Never miss the opportunity to make a personal connection with co-workers and customers alike. When you take a moment to make that personal connection it changes the dynamic in the relationship. Now instead of two strangers at odds we know a little about each other, making it much easier to find that common ground. That’s how we all become family.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Guaranty Family to yours!

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