About how Guaranty’s management is planning for the future

As I am sitting here at my desk this afternoon, I am reflecting on a meeting I had with Marshall, Lindsey, Tim, Terry and Kendra. We get together every two weeks for a lunch and talk. We have only a few rules, first anyone can say anything and what anyone says never leaves the room. As the meeting was winding down, I came to the realization that my view about the direction this company is going might be very different than yours, in fact that is probably the case so I want to talk to you today about that.

I don’t know if you all remember, but shortly after I became general manager, we had an all hands meeting and I talked to you a bit about how I saw my job and what I do. One of my jobs is to chart a path to the future and I spend a great deal of my time trying to look out over the horizon, see what is likely to happen, and then make sure we are ready for it when we get there. Over the years I have a pretty good track record of being ready, not 100% but I have not been caught by surprise very often and trust me, I have a plan for just about everything.

I tell you these things because when my meeting ended yesterday, I understood that when big things happen around the dealership it might make you very nervous because you didn’t see them coming but we have probably been planning for them for a long time. So what I really want to say to you all is don’t worry. We have a great, talented and hardworking management team and an ownership family that is proud of you, and proud of our legacy and proud of what we accomplish. We have a great company full of all of you and there is almost nothing we can’t do together.



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