A matter of perspective

I am going to guess that most of you have been on an airplane before and if you have flown out of our local airport, you have undoubtedly taken off under a solid blanket of clouds. As you know, once you climb out of the clouds, you are into sunshine in just a few short minutes. So is it a sunny day, or is it a cloudy day?

That, depends on which side of the cloud you are on. That, is just a matter of perspective. Our daily lives are exactly like that plane ride. Everything that happens to us during the course of a day is shaped by our perspective at that particular moment in time and whether we view it as a positive thing or a negative thing depends on that, our perspective, not on the thing itself, which normally just exists. Unlike our plane ride however, where we are just along for the ride, in our lives we have complete control over our perspective and we can view everything that happens to us in more than one way. Business problems become opportunities, personal conflicts become chances to communicate, anger becomes a sign of fear. Each of us has the power to choose how we respond to each and every situation we encounter, and you will find your perspective will have a direct influence on your outcomes. There is an old saying that if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail, don’t limit yourself.

As Judi Collins wrote so eloquently, “Rows and flows of angel hair, And ice cream castles in the air, And feather canyons everywhere, I’ve looked at clouds that way, But now they only block the sun, They rain and snow on everyone, So many things I would have done, But clouds got in my way”. It is a sunny day or a cloudy day for you right now, you get to choose.


Have a great weekend everybody.


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