Guaranty is proud sponsors of both Duck and Beaver football

I just finished a meeting with Marshall White, Terry Muir and a gentleman named Mike Boyle who represents the University of Oregon. We are proud sponsors of both Duck and Beaver football, and we were meeting with Mike to discuss the first year of our sponsorship and what went well, what we wanted to do better or more interesting this year. I am lucky to get to work with some amazing creative people like these three, and as we are going around the room coming up with ideas, some great ones and some not, we are laughing and creating and I realize that we are living on the edge of what is possible. We are not talking about what we couldn’t do, but what we could do. Sometimes in my job and in our business we have to say no, but it is really a lot more fun to say yes to opportunities and believe it or not, I try to say yes as much as I can.

Shouldn’t our lives be lived the same way? I have not done everything right in my life, and have done things I regretted, but I have more often regretted the things I did not do than the things I said no to. As we are coming out of this long winter and getting ready for Spring and its promise of renewal and rebirth, I challenge each one of you to start thinking about what is possible instead of what is difficult. Ask yourself how good can I be at my job, how good can I make a customer feel. What new thing can I try that might make a positive difference in what we do here every day. Our founder Herb Nill had a saying “Life is a measure to be fulfilled, not a cup to be drained”. He believed in the possibilities, not the limitations.


What about you?


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