Being thankful for those Guaranty employees who work outside

As I am typing this in my nice dry warm office, I can look out my window and finally see some sunshine and feel a little warmth on my back when I go outside. Mostly I am glad I don’t have to work outside any more like I did early in my working career. There were just so few days when it was just right, mostly either too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry. So, this week I want to salute some of the staff who spend those cold days on the end of a power washer, or those hot days inside an RV, or bouncing around to the used car and truck lots trying to get a vehicle started.

So, Len, Keith, Hunter, Roberto, Terry, Jeffrey, Kellie, Donovan, Deidra, Joshua, Ashton, Brandon, Dallas, Elisa, Raquel, Deb, Donna, Maria, Anita, Thelma, Colby, Amber, Ken, Taya, Bonnie, Cody, Kathleen, Joe, Jordan, Kanon, Terry, Richard, Tanya, Stephanie, Abby and Russ, thank you for all your hard work. You make us look good when people drive by and see the results of your work, you don’t complain, and you always have a smile for us, and all of us appreciate that.


Have a great weekend everyone.


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