On the privilege of voting

If you are like me, you are grateful that there are only few more days till the election. It seems as if we never got a break between the last election and this one. It has been, to put it delicately, one of the more interesting presidential contests in our history. I believe I have let you know that about 4 years ago, I set a goal to read every presidential biography in order. It has been an enlightening and fascinating history lesson for me, and you might find it interesting to know that as much as these two present candidates arouse the passions of the electorate, as a pair, they are not particularly unique in being considered unethical, unfit or lacking in moral character and yet our country has survived and even prospered when one of them gets elected. It is a testament to the great government we have had handed down to us that our country can move on in spite of who we choose to be president.

So my message to you all this week, is to not take your rights as a citizen for granted, and VOTE!!! Whether Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian or Independent, whatever you are, be a participant in this democracy and cast your ballot. It is a privilege for you to do so and your vote does matter, even if you think it does not.


Have a great weekend everyone.


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