Courtesy, dignity and respect in our dealings with others

Last Sunday I was watching the presidential debate with my wife, and I remarked to her that I found it very uncomfortable to watch. She agreed. The next day, I am watching an analysis of the debate performance, and a veteran political commentator remarked that she had a pit in her stomach all during the debate. I thought to myself things must really be hitting a low point to make even these hardened professionals wince.

Regardless of your political affiliation, I think most of you would agree with me that the political discourse we are seeing these days sets new lows in embarrassing behavior and lack of respect for another human being. The really sad part is that people who don’t know any better think this is ok, that people can actually treat each other this way. I feel for you parents trying to teach your kids about our political process when those are the only examples you have. That is why it is doubly troubling to me when I hear stories in our own dealership about a member of our sales staff swearing at an office clerk, or members of our technician team using racially disparaging language. You hear me preach about courtesy, dignity and respect in our dealings with customers, our families and each other. These are not just words to me, they mean something very real and they symbolize how we should strive to be. We are Guaranty, and we should stand for something better than this and be bigger than those around us.


Have a good weekend everyone, and be safe out there.


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