We Love Class C Motorhomes: The Best of 2017 Part 2

Last week, we started looking at the benefits of Class C motorhomes in comparison to other RV types. These include drivability and ease of parking, superior safety in a collision, fuel economy, sleeping capacity, family-friendly features and more. This week we’re going to give a shout out to RV manufacturers and models that have proven themselves to be the best of the best in regard to quality and lasting value. Not only have these received rave reviews from Guaranty customers for years, they are consistent award winners in Motorhome Magazine’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards and the National RV Dealer Association’s Quality Circle Awards.


Winnebago Industries has been building RVs since 1958, which means they’ve had a lot of time to get it exactly right. The quality shows in every detail. Their Class C models are known for their high quality construction and nimble handling on the highway. They are built to last with renowned SuperStructure® standards that includes a steel, rather than wood, cab substructure. Even the windshields are secured in steel with non-hardening sealants for added safety and durability. The Winnebago cabs are mounted to the chassis with an advanced laser alignment system that gives them a remarkably solid foundation. It’s quality control like this that is key to the long-lasting performance and beauty that we’ve come to expect from this American manufacturer.

They’re also constantly adding new features, thinking of better ways to use space, and carefully considering new amenities that can make the RVing experience all the better. Their goal is to always integrate the most powerful body design and versatile floorplans, with the best new technology and comfortable amenities on the market. This is not a company that rests on its laurels!
Whether you’re looking for a compact, supremely drivable model, or a more luxurious RVing experience with slide-outs for extra elbow room, Winnebago makes a model to fit your needs and budget. Options include either a Ford or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Want a supremely family friendly RV on a budget? Look at the Minnie Winnie or the Spirit. If you want something sleek, but still affordable, the Fuse is a great combination of fun and function. And for even more amenities and a boost in luxury, take a look at a sleek turbo diesel Navion.

Thor Motor Coach

Compared to Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach might look like the new kid on the block. However, this powerhouse manufacturer was founded in 2010 by a merger of two renowned motorhome manufacturers: Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International. That merger brought together some of the best minds in the RV industry. It’s no wonder, then, that they are now one of the top motorhome brands in North America, producing nearly 25% of motorhomes sold each year. As well as building some of the highest quality Class C motorhomes on the highway today, they are known for introducing cutting-edge innovations that constantly raise the bar on the RVing experience. Because they build a variety of styles, sizes and floorplans, you can purchase a motorhome that feels custom-made for you. And they work hard to keep their pricing extremely competitive.

Thor also takes their customer support seriously. Their Shield of Protection Program provides services you just don’t find with most RV manufacturers, including a direct concierge connection at the factory and 24/7 factory support to help you diagnose any problems and offer solutions. Thor keeps essential parts stocked for quick shipment in order to get their motorhomes up and running quickly. And they offer a One Source Warranty so you’ll have the weight of the manufacturer behind you if you need warranty service.

Here at Guaranty, our customers particularly love the Four Winds line for the best family-friendly, budget conscious Class C. Kids love the optional bunkhouse floorplan that will sleep up to eight people, and there is also a full-wall slide-out model that is ideal for getting the most interior space without giving up driveability. We’re also loving the new Siesta Class C motorhome by Thor. Built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, with a turbo diesel engine for extra torque when you need it most, the Siesta is a mix of style, economy and power.


Jayco is another RV manufacturer that has established a reputation over time by building a rock-solid RV. Founded in 1968, they are currently the largest family-owned and operated RV manufacturer in the U.S. and they have long had a commitment to build some of the most family-friendly Class C motorhomes on the market, including a floorplan that sleeps as many as 11 people. Not only do they use unmatched engineering practices and superior construction materials and processes—like Magnum Truss Roof Systems and custom-manufactured frames that offer higher strength and durability—they also insist on Amish craftsmanship for lasting beauty. Combine that with the innovative technology they bring to their RVs and you can see why they are one of our favorite Class C manufacturers. It’s no wonder that Jayco is able to offer a 2-year industry-leading limited warranty. And best of all, they do all of that at a family friendly price point.

Jayco is also a company that is committed to their customers, both in terms of offering an excellent Roadside Assistance program and in terms of protecting the environment so that there are beautiful camping areas for generations to come. Over the course of more than four decades of building RVs, they’ve created “better ways to build better RVs” that use fewer resources and emphasize renewable ones. It’s all part of their EcoAdvantage commitment.

For big families or people who like to travel with all their friends, take a look at the Greyhawk or Redhawk models, with options for sleeping 10 to 11 people. You can move up a step in durable luxury and power with a V6 turbo diesel engine in the Melbourne Class C. And for the ultimate camping and road trip experience, Jayco has the Seneca option with a Cummins ISB diesel engine and a Freightliner M2 chassis.
If you’ve been dreaming about getting into the RV lifestyle with a motorhome of your own, a Class C may be the perfect way to get the best quality at the best price, especially if you want an economical way to travel with your whole gang. Queue up a little road trip music, and start thinking about what you could do this summer in your own Class C motorhome.

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