Vintage Lovers: Vintage Magic Chef RV Stove

Let’s face it, if you’re a dedicated retro chic-enthusiast, you already have the rounded classic fridge, the real KitchenAid that is actually metal and in olive green that you picked up from a flea market and were ecstatic to learn worked, and the replica toaster in bright orange. The only thing left is the stove!

The Magic Chef can be hard to find as it’s the original brand made in the 40s and 50s for homes. It’s a little wider than a standard stove/oven typically put in an RV these days, but if you’re up for a little custom work to your cabinetry, you can make it work.

Typically this stove comes in a white enamel finish like this, so keep that mind when selecting the rest of your appliances. We have seen a few from the ’30s that have patterns on them, but they are extremely rare. These vintage stoves should retail for under $500 if they are in working order. Brand new replicas start at $1500 and go up from there depending on the gadgets you want.

Before purchasing, make sure it has all its standard elements; four gas burners, an oven, a broiler, and two drawers. Also double check that installation of this gas stove won’t be a problem in your vehicle.

The vintage Magic Chef RV stove may need a little restoration, but it will add the finishing touch to your retro-chic RV and be the envy of your fellow RV-ers.

To learn more about how our Parts team can help you locate this stove, please talk to one of the friendly staff members at our Guaranty RV Super Center Parts Store.

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