Toy Haulers: So Much More Than Just a Portable Garage

With summer just around the corner, and the Oregon Dunes only an hour from Guaranty RV, a lot of our favorite RV enthusiasts are pulling out their quads, dune buggies and dirt bikes. They’re getting ready for some powerful fun in the sand. All this preparation has us thinking about toy haulers, because this is the time of year when customers come in to Guaranty looking for a better way to haul their favorite toys. Increasingly, we’re also seeing RVers who are considering toy haulers in new ways, thinking outside the box about these supremely versatile RVs. While most people use the toy hauler garage for vehicles of one sort or another, models with a separate garage also makes an excellent studio space, workshop, office or other extra room; it opens up possibilities for your RV lifestyle that you might not have imagined yet.

Whether you’re looking for a good way to get your vehicles to the dunes, the mountains or the lake a few times a year, or you’re a lifestyle RVer who needs some extra room for your hobbies, there is a toy hauler made for you. Read on to find out about some of the possibilities.

What’s Your Lifestyle?

There are some things to consider when you’re in the market for a toy hauler. First and foremost, what kind of tow vehicle are you going to use? If you own a half-ton pickup, you’ll need to look at smaller, lightweight models by manufacturers like Forest River and Eclipse. Similarly, if you want a fifth wheel toy hauler for the extra living space, but you have a short-bed or extended-cab pickup, you have unique towing needs and should look at toy haulers from Heartland. Their patented Tight Turn Technology was invented just for these types of tow vehicles.

Secondly, what do you want to haul? You need to be sure that the garage space in your toy hauler is big enough and that the model you’re considering has adequate carrying capacity for your toys, fuel and all your camping gear. If there’s a chance that you’re going to invest in a couple extra quads or maybe a classic car, make sure you get the specs on those vehicles so you can get the right toy hauler for your needs.

Also consider how often you’ll be using your toy hauler. If you’re planning on a few summer camping trips with your dirt bikes, then maybe a basic model without a separate garage is sufficient. It will provide you with plenty of room for your motorcycles or quads, as well as beds for the family and all the comforts you’ll need for a few days away from home. If, however, you go to a lot of Jeep jamborees and off-road events all year round, and you’re gone for a couple weeks at a time—in other words, if you’re going to be living in your RV for longer periods—you’re going to want a toy hauler with more living space and more amenities. A model with a separate garage can give you the best of both worlds.

The Best Basic Toy Haulers

If you want an excellent, basic toy hauler with everything you need for a mix of comfortable camping and rip-roaring fun, there are a number of models to look at. These are the toy haulers to consider if you need a sweet garage-on-wheels that will safely take your family and your toys to your favorite campsites. And once you get there, they’ll also provide you with a place to cook, watch TV, laugh with friends, grab a shower, and get a good night’s rest.

One model to consider is the Eclipse Attitude. Eclipse took a poll about what would be included in the perfect toy hauler, and then they set out to build some of the best in the industry. They offer both travel trailer models and fifth wheels, from 18 to 39 feet, so there’s something for everyone. And once you’ve pulled your toys out, you’ll also have all the basic comforts you could ask for at the end of a fun day.

Another excellent toy hauler in this category is Forest River’s Work and Play line. This one is extremely popular with Guaranty RV customers, for good reason. Forest River is renowned for their high quality construction, and they offer a variety of toy hauler floorplans in both travel trailer and fifth wheel styles, so you can choose exactly the amenities that you want.

If you want to move a step up and get a few more amenities, be sure to also check out Heartland’s Torque fifth wheel toy haulers. They’re a good middle ground between the most basic models and the more expensive luxury toy haulers.

Luxury Toy Haulers

If you spend a lot of time in your toy hauler or you’re ready to take your lifestyle up a notch, you can’t beat Cyclone models; they are the ultimate in luxury. With a separate garage rated to 2,500 pounds and an onboard fuel station, they will haul all the toys you want to carry, but they also feature multiple slide-outs in the living areas to give you lots of elbow room and comfort. You can expect luxurious bedroom/bathroom suites, hardwood cabinetry throughout, stunning exterior graphics packages, full residential style kitchens and furnishings, extraordinary entertainment packages, fireplaces, and even models that are prepped for you to install a washer and dryer. And you’ll get all the Heartland RV standards like that Tight Turn Technology and their Universal Docking Center.

Another manufacturer to consider in the luxury toy hauler category is EverGreen RV. Their Tesla line features everything you want in a toy hauler including large garages, heavy duty ramp doors, 18-gallon fuel tanks for an optional generator, a 40-gallon onboard fuel station, and more. But they also give you extra comforts like a 174-gallon freshwater tank; residential style, stainless steel appliances; stunning hardwood cabinetry with etched glass; large screen TVs; fireplaces; king-size master suites—the list just keeps going!

Whichever model you choose in this category, you’ll be living in the lap of luxury.

Thinking Outside the Box—Other RV Lifestyle Ideas for a Toy Hauler

Sure, most people use their toy haulers as a portable garage, but there’s no rule out there that says you can’t use yours as a portable craft room, workshop or office. Depending on the model you purchase, they are some of the most versatile RVs on the market today, particularly for lifestyle RVers who spend some of the year away from home. A model like a Heartland Cyclone or Road Warrior, or an Tesla, that have a separate garage, will give you luxurious amenities like private master suites, full kitchens and bathrooms, residential style furnishings and much more, and will provide you with that extra room that you can turn into your quilting room, workshop or office on the road. The garages range in length from 10 to 17.5 feet, so you’ll have space to get creative. And when you have overnight guests, just fold down the electric bed in the garage or open up the sofa. Since most of these models feature multiple slide-outs, you’ll have plenty of room for everyone. A toy hauler can be so much more than just a portable garage.

If you’re not sure which toy hauler is the right one for you, give us a call or come on down to Guaranty RV. We’ll be happy to show you some options.

Photo: Guaranty RV

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