Thoughts on the people behind the scenes who make things work smoothly

As I write this I am about 30,000 feet over the State of Nevada, heading, along with Shannon to a meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. I have flown for many years in my career. There have been times when it has terrified me and times when it has not been frightening at all. Every time however I marvel at the ability to make a trip of just a few hours, that by car (and believe me I know because I have done it may times) would take the better part of two days. What a marvel, but guess what most people think of air travel these days? Complain complain complain. Having to show up early, go through security, stand in line, sit in a crowded seat on and on and on.

Do we think about all the people who spend enormous amounts of time and effort to make sure we get to where we are going quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely? Mostly and sadly the answer is no we don’t. In our company I see some of that as well and it always disappoints me when I do because mostly you are surrounded by people who care about the job they do and take pride in their efforts. Most of us are enjoying the benefits of the hard work and sacrifice of those who came before us in our positions.

So sure, not everything goes right all the time and not everything is the same or as easy as it used to be, but just before you are getting ready to complain about it stop and think about how lucky you really are to be right here right now.

Have a great weekend.


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