Thoughts on thankfulness

Dear Guaranty:

Since I have not spoken to you all in a while I am going to give an obligatory message about thankfulness. It might sound trite, and right now everyone is doing it, but darn it we do need to be thankful for all that we have in life.

Even in what we think are turbulent times, the average American enjoys a freedom, security and wealth which is virtually unknown in the rest of the world. We have abundance everywhere, water, food, shelter, access to health care. Our country is not perfect, no country is, but by almost every measure, we have it better than anyone else. This is still a country where you can start from nothing and realize your dreams if you are willing to work hard, take a risk and find a little luck. The company you work for right now is proof of that. You can go shopping anywhere without fear of getting blown up by a car bomb, the military is here to protect not to destroy and mostly we have a government that gets things done. So today, and tomorrow and the next day, when you leave here and go to a house that has a roof, and heat and food and hopefully people who love you and you are grumping about one of your co-workers, or your boss, or me, put it all in perspective and remember just how lucky you are to have a warm, dry place to sleep and food to eat. Lots of people don’t.

I am thankful for all of you, I get to work with a great company of people, I try never to forget that.


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