Things to be thankful for

It is now November, and we have made it through 10 months of our year. I have a few thoughts I want to share with you this week.

First of all, our year, and your year is not over, not yet. We all have things to accomplish, and we still have two more months to accomplish them, I do and you do, so don’t stop what you are doing, go all the way through the finish line. Don’t get to the last day of December and tell yourself, wow, if I had only put forth that little bit of extra effort, I would have met my goals, keep going.

The second thing is that it is November, and Thanksgiving is coming up. This time of year I always try to count my blessings and you should to. If you are reading this, it means you have a job, be thankful for that.  It might not be what you really want, but you have one and it is a place to start. Even in these good times, there are still people who want to work but can’t find the work.  If you can go home tonight to a home with a roof on it, be thankful for that. I see people every day in Eugene, who clearly don’t have that luxury. If you get to sleep in a warm bed, be thankful for that, there are plenty of people who don’t have a bed period, warm or not. If you have had something to eat in the past 24 hours, be thankful for that. You can’t spend 5 minutes watching the news without seeing the face of a fellow human being who can’t say that. If you have someone in your life to love, be thankful for that, and tell them you love them, now, tonight, today. If you have someone who loves you, be especially thankful for that.

 It is easy to sit and think about what you didn’t get, or what you don’t have, sometimes I do it too, but if I look around me even a little bit I realize how lucky I am, I hope you do as well.


Have a great weekend everybody.


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