The more you know…

Have you seen this popular slogan “The more you know”? Every time I see it I feel a breath of encouragement to take something I’ve been wondering about to the next level. To research it and decide where it might take me.

Human beings are created with an insatiable appetite to want to know things. And to me it seems self-generating. The more I know about a subject I’m interested in, the more I want to know and the more I realize there is more interesting stuff to know!

For example, when I was 9 years old a guest speaker visited our school and shared about some advances in the area of communication for those who are unable to hear. It intrigued me enough to learn the hand alphabet, which I have not forgotten. Later in my life’s journey I had the opportunity to increase my vocabulary in ASL (American Sign Language) by training for a couple of years as an interpreter for the deaf. Although I have not served in that role, just knowing the language has brought me alongside individuals every once in a while who have needed someone who could understand the language of their hands and then relate back to them thoughts from the hearing world.

And this: A few years ago, desiring to know more about our family ancestry, we discovered my paternal great grandmother, a Jewish immigrant from Prussia (now called Poland) in the late 19th century, was a midwife. She educated herself in many languages so she could better help her patients through the birthing process. One of those languages was sign language. Amazing!

Things you’re passionate and know something about can and will inspire others too. As we relate what we are discovering with each other, well, the more we’ll know…

Claire Gumbs

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