The Eco-friendly tent trailer

Can you guess how much electricity would be required to power 1,518 homes for an entire year? Here’s a hint: it’s exactly how much electricity was conserved by Jayco manufacturing last year. As a manufacturer, Jayco has made huge strides in creating the perfect eco-friendly tent trailer. Read on for more information about this company and its green products.

Jayco’s Green Initiative
Jayco tent trailers are built in the United States and regularly make use of recycled, sustainable materials. The company is known as “one of the industry’s greenest RV organizations” for its use of water-efficient appliances, energy-efficient design and promotion of owner education about using the trailers’ green features.

Quality Tent Trailers
In addition to being earth-friendly, Jayco produces high quality tent trailers, too. Tents come with an outstanding 5-year warranty, and Jayco leads the industry with a 2-year warranty on other trailers. And as if the company’s in-house green efforts aren’t enough, Jayco makes sure to design trailers that are so lightweight, the fuel economy of your towing vehicle will hardly change at all.

The most popular camping trailer made by Jayco is the Jay series. These models have family-friendly floor plans and come with lifetime warranties on lifter systems, roofs, floors, walls and bed frames. With so many lifetime warranties, you know that it is money well spent on a reliable product. This 2013 Jayco Jay Series is easy to tow and comfortably sleeps 6 to 8 people.

The Jay Series Sport is another durable tent trailer. These trailers are still excellent quality, but come at a more affordable price than some of Jayco’s other models. Low-maintenance floor plans and an attractive interior are combined in this 2013 Jayco Jay Series 8 Sport and with cherry cabinetry and a scratch-resistant aluminum exterior finish, a more affordable price doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice any of the style or elegance you expect.

Another buyer favorite is the Baja model. This RV can hold up to 8 guests overnight thanks to a king-sized bed and other sleeping accommodations. It comes with top-notch appliances and a water purification system. Plus, you’ll love the stereo system complete with outside speakers for all your music needs when you’re sitting around the campfire. Check out this 2013 Jayco Baja 10G to see what else this great model offers.

Jayco is unique in the RV manufacturing world for its close attention to an eco-friendly production process that benefits the environment and the owner. For more tips on green RVing straight from Jayco, click here. And if you have any other questions about the Jayco brand or how to make your RVing more environmentally friendly, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

image: Nicholas Raymond

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