The Best Travel Trailers and Truck Campers for Hunting

With bow season for deer and elk starting in Oregon tomorrow, hunters are gearing up and packing up for their fall hunting trips. Before you know it, rifle season will be here too; it’s time to plan the perfect hunting retreat in your RV. Most likely, you’ll be dry camping in your travel trailers or campers, so you’ll want to make sure your RV is equipped with all the essentials. If you don’t own your dream RV for hunting yet, read on for recommendations and reviews of our favorite campers and travel trailers for hunting. You’ll also find some dry camping tips, and if you’re not yet ready to purchase an RV, head over to our rentals page.

Tips for Dry Camping (or Boondocking) in your RV

When you purchase an RV for hunting, there are several things you’ll want to look for. If you’re hunting in a northern climate like here in Oregon, then you’ll want to choose something that’s cold weather ready. That includes heated underbellies and enclosed tanks. When you’re hunting, you want to be out where the game is; which means there won’t always be a campground nearby. You’ll need a truck camper or travel trailer that’s built tough for off-roading, and you’ll need to make sure your generator is ready to go. Check the run time on your generator, and make sure your propane tanks are filled up. Check out this “Boondocking 101” guide from Truck Camper Magazine for in depth information on prepping for your hunting trip.

The Best RVs for Dry Camping and Hunting

When it comes to RV camping while you’re out hunting, you can’t really go wrong with a truck camper. When you off-road with a truck camper, your truck does the work and you can get further off the beaten path than you might be able to with a towable. That being said, truck campers are small, so if you want to bring family, friends, or toys like ATVs along, you might want something bigger. Here are our favorite RVs for hunting:

1. Northwood Arctic Fox Truck Campers
Based in La Grande, Oregon, Northwood RVs are built by northerners, for northerners. If you live in a cold climate and you like to take your RV off-road, Northwood is the brand for you. Which makes them perfect for hunters. The Northwood Arctic Fox truck campers are four-season ready, they include full walk-on roofs, a lightweight aluminum superstructure for strength and durability, and heated, enclosed holding tanks and valves. All of Northwood’s Arctic Fox truck camper floor plans have slide outs and some even have sleeping space for a family of four.

2. Lance Truck Campers
Lance has been in the RV business since 1965 and they really know their truck campers. These units come with optional four-season packages that you’ll want for hunting. They’re all about compatibility, and offer an array of truck camper floor plans to suit a variety of needs. When you come to pick out a Lance at Guaranty RV, we’ll help you find the right match for your existing truck if you have one, or find the right truck for the camper you want. The environmentally-conscious will also appreciate Lance’s Standard for being Eco-Green.

3. Northwood Snow River Travel Trailers
Talk about weather-ready; with Northwood’s Snow River travel trailers you have all the assurance you need right in the name. They feature heated and enclosed tanks, plus they’re built tough for off-roading. With the Absolute Northwood certified chassis, you get a durable, smooth ride on a chassis that’s made of heavy duty, certified structural-grade steel. It’s designed for the bumps and rugged terrain of off-roading. These models also feature Northwood’s Backroad Armor which adds an extra layer of protection against rocks and branches and keeps your exterior from getting scuffed up.

4. Eclipse Attitude Toy Haulers
If your hunting trip doubles as a family vacation and you want to bring your toys along as well, check out an Eclipse Attitude travel trailer toy hauler. With plenty of sleeping capacity, plus a garage where you can relax or hang your meat at the end of a successful day, a toy hauler is great for hunting when you need more room. There are dozens of floor plans available, some even feature cold-weather ready perks like enclosed tanks and furnaces.

5. Forest River Rockwood Folding Campers
For something really lightweight that can be towed with something other than a truck, a folding camper is a good way to go. Forest River is famous for their Rockwood pop-up campers, and many floor plans even include furnaces and heated mattress pads to keep you warm even on chilly fall mornings. Easy to maintain, easy to tow, and great for summer camping as well, you’ll love your back-to-nature hunting trip in a pop-up camper.

This is just a brief overview of our dry camping tips and our favorite RVs for hunting. If you’d like to discuss your hunting RV options further in person or over the phone, come by Guaranty RV or give us a call.


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