The Best RVs of 2017

At Guaranty RV Super Center, we carry an RV for every lifestyle, budget, and need (and a few wants too!). Not only that, we love RVs: talking about them, learning about the new additions for 2018, and looking back at 2017 to determine the best RVs on the market. As we transition into 2018, we wanted to share these top 2017 RVs, because as 2018 models move in, you’ll be able to get some top deals on these top brands.

Whether you’re looking for a pop up camper to take out to the river for that spring fishing trip or a luxury RV to hit the open road in style, our list of top 2017 RVs has a little bit of something for everyone. We are excited to carry every brand of RV on this list, as well as every model.

You might wonder: how did we determine the top RVs of 2017? Well, we used articles from to pick our favorites and then used feedback from you, our valuable readers, customers, and friends, to narrow down the list.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the top RVs of 2017!

Forest River Rockwood

As with most years, the Forest River Rockwood remains one of the top pop up campers on the market. Forest River is one of the top RV brands out there, performing detailed inspections and quality tests on each RV. The Rockwood is no different: modern, beautiful lines, cozy interiors, and all the comforts of home. With the Rockwood, camping doesn’t mean leaving home behind! To view all the Forest River Rockwood pop up campers we have in stock, click here and to learn more about Forest River, click here.

Winnebago Horizon named the Winnebago Horizon the top RV of 2017, and we can’t help by agree. The Horizon has a clean design and luxurious furnishings that allow you to feel nothing but comfort in your home away from home. RV enthusiasts count on Winnebago for quality RVs and the Horizon exemplifies that. To learn more about Winnebago, click here.

As well, the new Winnebago Revel is on our list to watch in 2018! From September 2017 on, the Revel became one of the most searched-for RVs out there. It has 4-wheel drive and a luxurious interior with beautiful finishes. This article on Curbed lays out some of the reasons why: while a large Class A RV is perfect for some people, overwhelmingly, the most popular RVs are smaller in size Class C’s like the Revel. Click here to see what options we have for the Winnebago Revel.

Jayco White Hawk

The 2017 Jayco White Hawk is one of the most searched for travel trailers of 2017. With good reason too! This trailer combines the best of both worlds: there is plenty of space for everyone, while still having elements of both the luxury of home and the joy of the great outdoors. Travel trailers are great for both families and couples for that reason. Travel trailers, and especially the White Hawk, are also great for tailgating and weekend trips, as well as longer trips through the summer.

To learn more about the Jayco brand, click here. To see what White Hawk options we have in stock, click here.

Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar RVs consistently set the standard when it comes to quality for Class A motorhomes. The Dutch Star is one of the top-searched luxury Class A motorhomes on the market and for good reason: it is an outstanding RV that features outstanding carrying capacity and gorgeous interiors that not only recall all the comforts of home, but a palace that exudes class. The Dutch Star is built on a quality chassis with a Cummins diesel engine and a Comfort Drive steering system, making it powerful as well as driveable. If you want to learn more about Newmar, click here and to see what options we have for the King Aire, click here.

Roadtrek Agile

When it comes to fun in a small package, the Roadtrek Agile is one of the top searched Class B motorhomes out there. With the Agile, you have all the luxury of a larger motorhome, but on a smaller scale, making it ideal for traveling couples. As well, the Agile is perfect for smaller trips where you need to drive a large number of people; it can seat up to 7, perfect for getting everyone to the big game for tailgating or a day trip to the lake. When it comes to the service, the Agile is a dream; it’s smaller size means you have more options for service centers. As well, the Agile is capable of towing a small trailer, so you can always bring your ATVs, fishing boat, and other camping materials along. To learn more about Class B motorhomes, and the Roadtrek Agile, click here. To see what we have in stock, click here.

Thor Aria

The Thor Aria is a Class A motorhome that gives you the ability to enjoy the great outdoors, without sacrificing everything you love about being home. The Aria is perfect for that big roadtrip you’ve always wanted to take. The great thing about Class A motorhomes, like the Thor Aria, is that they are big enough for your whole family—or your buddies for a long, hunting trip! There is always room for everyone in the Thor Aria, and they have some of the most family-friendly designs out there, with high quality, but sturdy, furnishings and features. To learn more about Class A motorhomes, click here and to see what we have in stock when it comes to the Thor Aria, click here.

What’s Next?

When it comes to the best RVs of 2017, we looked for a few things: plenty of fun, interest from RV enthusiasts, and high quality. Here at Guaranty RV Super Center, we are excited to carry so many high-quality RV brands—sometimes, it’s hard to pick just a few favorites! To learn about what RVs we named our top brands back in 2016, click here. To learn more about what we have in stock, click here. And as always, if you have any questions about which RV is right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget, click here to contact us.

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