The Best Deals Start With The Best Dealership

Buying a new vehicle is exciting and stressful all at the same time. No matter if you are in the market for a new or new to you, car, truck, SUV, or RV when all is said and done you want to feel like you got a good deal. The trick lies in not only knowing what a good deal is, but where to find one.

The Internet Doesn’t Do Background Checks

Thanks to the multiple websites dedicated to helping you buy a vehicle it is easy to get the impression that a low price is what makes a good deal. Problem is we all know that guy who scours the Internet and manages to find deals that seem too good to be true. Too bad those deals turn out to be self-fulfilling prophecies. He may have spent six bucks on a three year old truck with a hundred miles on it, but come to find out it was submerged in a river for a week and it only cost eight billion dollars to get it back to reliable. Somehow that doesn’t seem like a good deal anymore. Private party sales are risky because if the vehicle is not as promised there is very little real recourse and now you have to spend more money to fix it or lose money and sell it for a loss (Assuming you are more honest than the previous owner). Of course there are good deals to be found on the Internet, but you better hurry my brother-in-law is probably calling them right now. Seriously they are out there but few and far between, and it takes some amount of luck to recognize them.
Every Automotive or RV dealership will be on the web, either with a site of their own and or on the sales sites. Buying from a dealer poses an interesting dilemma, on one hand buying from a dealer does afford some confidence in the transaction but it also means that you have to deal with a salesperson whose job it is to sell vehicles for the highest price possible, not the lowest. Not to mention just because a dealer is on the Internet doesn’t make them a good place to do business with. Seems like we are still looking to find a good deal, and define what that means.

What Makes A Deal A Good Deal?

Easy answer is any deal that makes you feel happy about the vehicle you purchased. Still pretty vague though. We have talked about price and it is definitely a factor in any formula used to calculate the quality of a purchase, but not the most important. I just lost some of you, but bear with me a moment. Our time on this planet is limited, who wouldn’t happily pay a little more each day to ensure we live to a ripe old age. Longer life costs a little more, but in my opinion is the better deal. Buying a vehicle for a higher price can turn out to be a better deal when you consider what the quality difference is from the lesser to the more expensive vehicle. Just like our friend who finds those amazing Internet deals a cheaper option can cost twice as much. How do we insure that if we do pay a little more we get a little better vehicle that may have a longer life span? It becomes more and more confusing and eventually we end up in the same place our fore fathers did, asking friends and family which dealership to trust. Turns out that the best deals are found at the best dealer because a good dealer will stand behind the vehicles they sell and sell only vehicles that they have confidence in.

How Do I Find a Good Dealership?

Googling “dealers near me” will give you multiple results, but you may not find the best vehicle or the best dealer with a single search. So how does one find the best deal from the best dealer? Again, research. Online reputation and good old word of mouth are reliable indicators of the quality of customer care a dealer provides, but how long a dealer has been in business may say more. As with most industries getting into the dealership business is easier than staying in the dealership business. So a long standing dealer with a quality Google review is a good place to start, but no sure thing. Like all of the world around us patterns exist in the behavior of both good and bad dealerships. And because who doesn’t like a bullet point list, here you go.

Bad Dealer

• Treat customers as transactions and practice shoddy or dishonest operations

• They do not sell new inventory, only used (carrying new vehicles means that the manufacturers and financial institutions trust a dealer enough to extend them credit)

• They are unlikely to stay in business for long, but may reappear under a different name at a later date

Good Dealer

• Has a large and varied selection of new and used vehicles

• Abides by fair advertising and business practices

• Understands that the best way to stay in business is repeat business

• From the sales process to after sale service a good dealer is trying to earn your business, even if they already have it

• A good dealer knows that NO vehicle is built to perfection and that they will all have an issue from time to time, when these issues arise it’s an opportunity to prove to the customer they made the right decision in buying from their dealership

• A long standing dealer with a quality Google review

• Recognized by industry publications, distributors, and manufacturers with awards and commendations

• A dealer that services what they sell

How Do I Guaranty I Get A Good Deal

Consumer Reports and multiple industry publications will give you an idea about the quality and durability of nearly every vehicle manufactured today. Once you have your target vehicle, do go on line and try to find an accurate price range. Remember lots of factors should go in to the selling price of a vehicle so if the price of your dream transportation varies widely look at miles, option packages, maintenance history, and of course current condition. Once you know what you want and what it should cost, it’s time to locate your target. This is actually where you begin to ensure you get a good deal, by going to a good dealer. Lots of advice about when to buy a vehicle exists, but most is just short of old wives tales. The most common is to go to a dealer an hour before they close on the last day of the month and they will be so desperate to sell something they will almost give it away. This does happen, but what does it say about that dealer that they have had all month to sell vehicles and they are still that desperate? Doesn’t seem to me to be the best vote of confidence that dealership will be around for the long haul. A healthy dealership won’t need that sale so desperately that they harm themselves in the process. Okay, here it is. The answer we have all been waiting for. To get the best overall deal go to a reputable dealer that has been in business for a significant amount of time, tell them what you want, and what you are willing to pay and let them work for you.

The last part of that statement is the most important. A salesperson worth their salt knows a sale can be a long process, but they are willing to do the work to get you what you want. IT’S HOW THEY GET PAID! You have lots of options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle and while those options can be daunting, there is leverage in them as well. If you find a salesperson that has their own ideas about what you should buy and how much you should spend, ask for a manger or find another dealership. One of the advantages of a larger, well-established dealership like Guaranty Locally Owned Chevrolet and Guaranty RV Super Centers is that our sales force helps enough customers into their dream vehicle that none of them are that desperate salesperson at the end of the month, and if they are they are given the opportunity to perfect their craft in the minor leagues.

The Moral of the Story

The best deal isn’t just about price. The best deal really is the one that makes you feel happy about the vehicle you purchased. A lot goes into that but the most important variable is feeling confident in the vehicle and in the dealership. Knowing that if and when there is an issue, it is an inconvenience, not a lesson in “cheaper isn’t always less expensive” goes a long way in instilling that confidence. So find your dream vehicle, know what you’re willing to pay for it, and give one of our sales people the opportunity to go to work for you.

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