Thanks for all that you do

Hi Everybody:

It has been a long while since I have written all of you and I have decided to start up again after my hiatus.

I want to start up again by telling you all how grateful I am to be working with you. I have a lot of stuff going on here, meetings to hold and attend, decisions to make, the future to ponder, sometimes I have to soothe an unhappy customer or an unhappy employee. Some of these things I enjoy and some of them I don’t but when I think about the things I enjoy most during my workweek, they are the times I get to spend with you all. The lunches I have with groups of you during the year, the new hire luncheons, the bi weekly meetings I have with my direct management team, the all hands meetings. Those are the most enjoyable times I get to spend. You are all so unique and your personal stories when you share them with me just leave me humbled.

One of the most gratifying things I have learned is how much pride you all take in the work you do, not matter what your job is. I just find that so wonderful and refreshing. I have always described a true professional as someone who can do a difficult thing and make it look like anyone can do it. That is what I think when I see the hard work you do and how effortless you make it seem, you are professionals in the best sense of the word. So, I am going to say goodbye for this week by saying thanks for all that you do, not only for Guaranty, but for your families and friends as well. It is a privilege to be your general manager.



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