Guaranty RV Service SPRING TUNE-UP Special

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Knowledge is power. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Wait, that cliche doesn’t work in this instance, or does it?

Based on the freezing temperatures we have “enjoyed” for the last week or so you would never guess spring is right around the corner. Traditionally this time of year folks are thinking about getting their RV ready for the upcoming camping season. Those of us in the Northwest usually don’t let a little weather stop our outdoor adventures, if we did we’d have about a month to go outside, but even here plans are being made to maximize that traditional camping season. This is a joyous time of year with the days getting longer and the promise of warm weather coming soon. The first camping trip of the season is a right of passage and should be joyous as well, but unfortunately it’s often the worst camping trip of the year.

I have worked in the RV industry for over twenty-five years and if I had a dollar for every customer that came in with a list of complaints about their first camping trip of the season I could have retired long ago. How systems and components deteriorate or fail when they aren’t being used is a mystery on par with why does dropped toast always land butter side down. My suspicion is that they were ready to fail but were not given the opportunity until the season’s maiden voyage. That doesn’t change the fact that Momma is giving you the stink eye every time she has to trudge up to the campground showers, wearing your sandals, because the water heater won’t fire off.

At Guaranty RV we strongly believe in marital bliss and the fact that the RV lifestyle should be one of leisure and enjoyment. Here is where the charming clichés listed in the opening paragraph begin to apply.

• An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping your RV working correctly is easier and less costly than repairing it when it fails.

• Knowledge is power. Knowing the condition of your RV, and it’s various systems, means no surprises on your trip and you have the power to decide what needs to be addressed.

• Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Repairing minor issues as they arise is again less expensive, and also keeps you from coming back from your camping trip with that dreaded list.

•Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Still not sure how this applies, but keep reading and we’ll figure it out.

We know, even if you had the time to do all the pre-trip checks, preventative maintenance, and basic repairs yourself you’ve got a long list of all the other long lists of things you also need to get done. Who has the time? Guaranty RV has the time and we are offering it to you at a discount. Somewhere, in the distance, the sound of a gift horse galloping to the rescue. Told you it would apply.

Guaranty RV offers a Spring Tune-Up special for a mere $99.00. If you walked in off the street and asked us to perform all of the system checks included in the special, based on hourly labor, the bill would be three times that amount. To be clear, there is no diagnostic or repair included in the $99.00 Spring Tune-Up special. Guaranty will check and advise on the operation of your water system, propane system, and appliances. Both your house and chassis batteries, if applicable, the RV’s charging system and battery disconnects are all checked for condition and proper operation. We even check the bi-directional relay on motorized units. We will inspect your roof and sidewall seals for condition and do a full roof inspection. We even “charge” your holding tank with our favorite sanitation chemical, Happy Camper. When the checks have been completed you will have the comfort of knowing all is well or at least the issues that need addressing. If we do find systems or components that do not pass their inspection we would be happy to provide repair estimates. We can even order the list according to what we feel is the most pressing needs in order of importance.

Get your camping season off to an easy and enjoyable start. Call Guaranty RV Service at 541-998-4285 and tell them you want the Spring Tune-Up Special.

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