Small RVs to Give You the Best Bang for Your Buck, Part 2

You’ve got your sights set on the road trip of your dreams this summer, but after reviewing all the Class B RVs we recommended last week, you’re starting to wonder if a Class B isn’t just a little too small for all you want to do.

If you’ve got kids (or grandkids) you want to bring along on your RV adventure this summer, you might be looking for a Class C motorhome: more space than a Class B, but better fuel efficiency than a Class A. These motorhomes very often feel just as luxurious and comfortable as a Class A.

If you missed our post about our top picks for a Class B, click here. And if you want to catch up on whether you should go big or small when it comes to a motorhome, click here.

What Are Class C RVs?

In case you need a reminder on what differentiates Class C RVs from Class As and Bs, here’s a rundown.

Size. Class C’s are smaller than Class As or diesel pushers, making them easier to maneuver, especially for first-time RVers.

Fuel efficiency. Thanks to that smaller size, Class C’s have better fuel efficiency than Class A’s as well. You’ll be able to go farther, which is always a good thing when it comes to the RV lifestyle!

Reduced cost. Class C’s typically cost less than a Class A or diesel pusher, making them ideal for families who still need space, but have a tighter budget.

Our Topic Picks for Class C’s

Our first pick for Class C is the Winnebago Navion. When it comes to a Class C motorhome, you cannot go wrong with a Winnebago; they are well-known for being some of the most high-quality, dependable motorhomes on the road. The Navion is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis and includes Primera swivel cab seats, an optional cabover bunk, a double-door refrigerator/freezer, and much more. Leaving home doesn’t have to mean leaving comfort behind! There are 3 distinct floor plans available for the Navion, meaning you can find something to fit your exact needs. To see what we have available in our inventory, click here.

Our next pick is the Jayco Greyhawk. Jayco has won multiple awards for Class C motorhomes, including MotorHome Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Silver Award in 2013. The Jayco Greyhawk is known for being extremely driveable, thanks to Jayco’s JRide Plus—a blend of handling and stability that is built into the motorhome itself. This makes the Greyhawk ideal for new RVers! The Greyhawk is available in a variety of floorplans, meaning you can find something to fit all your needs; but one thing that will never be compromised is quality and comfort. All Greyhawk’s come with high-intensity, recessed LED ceiling lights, top of the line appliances, a Dream Dinette mechanism, and much more. To see what kind of Greyhawks we have in stock, click here.

Our next pick is the Thor Four Winds. When it comes to luxury, look no further than the Four Winds. With a variety of floor plans, as well as options to change the interior color scheme and materials, these Class C RVs are built to make you happy and fit all your needs. Certain floor plans can sleep up to 8 people, which means if you’ve got friends and family who want to tag along on your big road trip, you’ve got room! You’ll have top-of-the-line amenities, like high-quality cabinetry, walk-around master beds, Corian countertops, and much more. To see what we have in stock, click here.

Our final pick is the Winnebago Spirit. Just like the Navion, this Winnebago is designed to drive smooth and suit your family’s needs with 6 versatile floor plans. Standard interior features include LED lights and an overhead bed but can be refined with various packages to give you exactly the look you want. The Spirit also has a large rear trunk, which means storage will never be a problem! To see what we have in stock for the amazing Winnebago Spirit, click here.

What’s Next?

What’s next? Only your great road trip adventure! When it comes to Class C’s, there is no compromise: optimal handling capabilities, plenty of room for everyone, fuel efficiency, and more create some of the most popular RVs out there. These are just our top picks for Class C motorhomes, but trust us when we say: there are more out there! There is a little something for everybody in the RV world and we want to help you find it. To see what all we have in stock in the Class C family, click here.

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