Should you be using fuel economy chips in motorhomes?

If you’re anything like us, you might drive a tad faster than is recommended and not quite get the average fuel economy that your RV or motorhome claims it gets.

Those towing small trailers with a mid-size SUV may see little to no change in their fuel consumption with a chip. Class B motorhomes may use a small amount more fuel, but not significant enough to warrant fuel enhancements. Where these tools really pay off is on Class C motorhomes that average about 10-15 miles per gallon and on large motorhomes that average about 6-13 miles per gallon.

Adding the fuel economy chip to Class C and larger motorhomes is said to add 2-3 miles per gallon. However, there are several factors that can affect this. What are you towing? How much does it weigh? How fast do you drive? All of these things will affect the increase of fuel economy when you add the chip.

There are other ways to save on fuel as well. Know the brands of fueling stations across the country that have the most competitive pricing. Are you making a trip from Oregon to Texas? The fueling stations will change across states as well the taxes tacked on to the fuel.

Here are some helpful websites to look up current fuel prices in your area:
MSN Autos

Enter your zip code on the above web sites and they will list current fuel prices in the area.

What is your average speed when you drive? What is your average fuel economy when you tow the trailer? Knowing this and learning how to regulate your fuel consumption will help you budget for fuel costs better.

Have you had your motorhome serviced lately? Having a vehicle that is in top-notch condition will also improve your fuel economy and make for less frequent stops at gas stations so you can stop at the places you really want to see such as Multomah or Kentucky Falls!

Want to learn if using fuel economy chips in motorhomes is right for you? Contact our friendly staff at the Guaranty RV Travel Center.

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