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In case you haven’t noticed online shopping is kind of a thing these days. I believe that you can officially order anything online, granted that is if you can afford the freight to have it shipped to you in international waters. Since most of us are not embarking on a career as a Super Villain, we normally just enjoy the convenience of finding our favorite dog food online and having it delivered to our door. Mega online retailers offer products across the spectrum but this means they have little to no interest in being anything other than a fulfillment house. In fact they have built their business model on having you do 95% of the work. You find your product, order your product, and pay for your product all through automation. The only staffed job in the chain is the warehouse and delivery folks. Why? Because it’s a less expensive business model.


Macys VS Gimbals


I am old enough to have heard a story in one of the many customer service trainings I have endured in my RV career about how in days long past it was customary for a store such as Macys to call their competition, Gimbals in the story, to see if they had a product for a customer that they did not. The idea was going out of your way to assist a customer is such a powerful gesture that it wasn’t a risk to send them to the competition. In a nut shell the customer would appreciate the gesture so much that it would earn their future business. What I didn’t understand from the story was that it was not the sales associate who made the calls first day. What I mean by that is it takes some experience and expertise to be able to assist a customer in this manner. First you have to know what it is they are looking for, second you have to know where said item can be found, and to a lesser extent the sales associate must be able to “qualify the customer”. Will this customer appreciate the effort and return or am I sending them off into the world never to be seen again. In any occupation experience increases your value, or said another way makes you more expensive. Imagine then how expensive it must be to have an individual who is experienced enough to make them an expert on all the millions of items available online. Even in department stores employees are assigned departments to help keep their need for knowledge of the products they sell manageable and keep the staffing costs lower. This is why the online giants don’t even bother with the pretense of sales associates. The only time you ever talk to another human is for billing or delivery issues. If they had experts available for all the products they sell they would have to triple their prices to stay in business.


A Happy Medium


There is some obvious convenience to ordering online, but it does often lack any real live question and answer options for most product categories. These are your everyday items, so often an explanation isn’t needed and the item is easily found with a simple online search. What happens when you enter an arena like RV Repair Parts & Accessories that has all kinds of industry specific widgets that can be nearly impossible to find in the real world, let alone online? You look for a website that has more than just an image and a price. You look for an expert. Back to the good old days, except again the mega online retailers don’t work that way. That means you need a site that has not only a wide variety of products, but informative descriptions, and if all else fails knowledgeable people who can be reached by phone or e-mail to answer questions in real time. You need and our over 200 years of combined parts experience.


Gadgets, Repair, And OEM Too


The RV Industry can be frustrating when you are in search of a specific repair part. Not all of the vehicle manufacturers have a record of the exact parts used on all of their offerings and some only keep the information for a short period of time. I worked in RV Parts and Service for decades and I have seen items installed from the factory on current model year RVs go obsolete and become unavailable. Not a fun conversation with a customer still under warranty. I can also say the industry has improved leaps in bounds from those days. These are the struggles of parts people in our industry and the real trick becomes knowing what something is, what it does, and where to get a replacement. As a DYI owner I cannot imagine how frustrating the internet must be. Guaranty RV Super Centers has the advantage of working with the majority of the manufacturers in our industry and that allows us to see their online catalogs which helps. That said, the online catalogs are often hard to navigate and are not available to the retail public. Well here at Guaranty we saw the need for a comprehensive website that not only let you buy fun patio rugs, but the wiper motor control for you 1998 Workhorse Chassis motorhome. We are striving to list products across multiple categories so you can find them easier, and when you do find the part you are looking for there will be a clear picture and an informative description. Any pertinent information like fitment or compatibility or acceptable replacement will also be included. But the best thing we include with our online catalog is real life RV parts professionals with a combined 200 years of RV parts experience. If you have any questions about a part you have found on our site or can’t seem to find anywhere give us a call. Even if we don’t have it in stock we can find it. We may even call Gimbals for you. Find it all at


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