Service Your RV at the Guaranty RV Travel Center

You’re finally all shoveled out of the apocalyptic snow in Klamath Falls and are (Hallelujah!) back on the road in your RV. As you defrost heat blowing full blast from the vents— recovering from a record low of -20°— your fingers finally start to thaw and you’re on your way home to Florence. Exhausted from a week of being stuck in snow, you decide to overnight in Eugene and visit some friends. You park, hook up, turn on the shower and hop in— Yikes! The water is freezing! Sick of shivering, you immediately head over to the Travel Center at Guaranty RV to get your water heater looked at.

Once you arrive at Guaranty RV Travel Center, you can take a deep breath and relax. With millions of dollars in RV parts stocked at the Travel Center, we’ll likely have the fix you need. Our professional, certified technicians will be on hand to complete the installation while you explore the other perks the Travel Center has to offer. Is your dog starting to look scraggly? Get her groomed and stock up on much-needed pet supplies. While you’re at it, grab some road snacks for yourself. You can even get some laundry done during that downtime at our laundromat.

Whether you need a repair, a tune-up, or are looking to accessorize, the RV parts store and service center at the Guaranty RV Travel Center has a solution for nearly every parts necessity. While you’re there, you might decide to stock up on replacements for future maintenance trouble. Is the seal on your slideout starting to look ragged? Maybe your windshield wiper blades aren’t doing quite as good a job as they used to. Whether it’s a major, minor, or routine repair, the Travel Center at Guaranty RV is fully-equipped and prepared to get you through those bumps in the road. You might love it so much, you won’t want to leave— which is fine with us because we offer free overnight camping.

Come visit us at the Travel Center today, or call ahead to schedule a service appointment for your RV.

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