RVer Resolutions for 2015: Making the Most of Your RV this Year (Part 1)

If you’re an RV enthusiast, you’re probably just as excited as we are that January has finally arrived. Spring is just around the corner and many of you will soon be bringing your beloved RVs out of storage and prepping them to hit the road at the height of camping season. Now is the time, while the year is still young, to set your RV goals and resolutions for 2015. Will you treat your RV to a tune-up or make-over? Brush up on your RV knowhow? Try to conserve energy and save on fuel costs? Or maybe 2015 will be the year when you finally trade in your pre-loved coach for that dream RV you’ve had your eye on.

So let 2015 be the year of making memories in your RV and get back to what you RVers love most: the open road. This year, don’t fuss with crowded airports, cancelled flights, lost hotel bookings, or questionable roadside motels. Plan the perfect family trip or grab your favorite someone and hit the road for spontaneous adventure, Just make sure to keep your RV resolutions in mind. Here are a couple of resolutions we recommend to maximize the fun in your RV this year:

1. Get Your Rig in Tip Top Shape
The first step to ensuring that your RV trips in 2015 are as incredible as you imagine they will be is to make sure your RV is in excellent condition. You’ll want to make sure that you are performing regular maintenance on your unit, particularly the steps that are recommended by your RV’s manufacturer. For an easy way to keep track of your maintenance schedule, download the RV Owner app on your Android phone or tablet. This app also allows you to easily schedule a service appointment at Guaranty RV whenever the required maintenance task is something you can’t manage yourself. If you need upgrades, the Guaranty Service Department can help you with that, too; they offer a range of upgrades and repairs including TV installations, washer and dryer installation and set-up, roof and seal repairs, complete remodels, installations of leveling systems and more. See a list of available services here.

If you’d rather complete most maintenance and service tasks yourself, you can still use the RV Owner app to track your maintenance schedule. Need spare parts? Swing by the Guaranty RV Travel Center parts store where you’re likely to find everything you need. There are dozens of simple maintenance tasks that you can likely complete yourself. To learn about some of these, check out our free RV seminars (more on these in Part 2 of this blog). Alternatively, a quick Google search will introduce you to dozens of online sources of information. When in doubt, though, particularly when your safety or the health of your RV could be compromised, contact the Guaranty RV Service Department to make an appointment.

2. Find Your Dream RV
Families grow as babies are born, and shrink when those children become adults; interests evolve; work and financial circumstances change. Whatever the circumstances, over time your RV lifestyle and needs are bound to change along with your life. If it’s time to upgrade to a new RV or try out a different RV body style, now is the time. We always have great specials going on at Guaranty RV.

Not sure what you’re looking for? That’s ok. You’ll want to make sure you do plenty of research before you purchase. We suggest watching some RV walkthrough videos and taking note of the features that stand out to you. If you’re new to RVing or you are thinking of switching to a new RV type—from a travel trailer to a motorhome, for example—consider renting an RV to make sure it’s what you want in the long run. Check out our available RV rentals online or swing by the Travel Center.

What Will Your RV Resolutions be in 2015?
To make 2015 a year to remember in your RV, will you resolve to get your rig in tip-top shape? Or will you opt for a new coach all together? Whichever resolution you choose to pursue in 2015, don’t hesitate to contact us at Guaranty RV if we can be part of making your RV hopes and dreams come true. Come back around next Thursday for Part 2 of this blog and more RVer resolution suggestions.

Photo: designturnpike

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