RV Travel Still More Affordable

Do rising fuel prices have you wondering if an RV is right for you? In a recent survey, RVers shared their thoughts about RV travel in the wake of high fuel costs.

The vast majority of RV owners (over 80%) believe vacations taken in their RV, even if fuel costs increase dramatically, are still more affordable than other vacations.

To mitigate the highest fuel prices, RVers frequently look for destinations closer to home. With so many campgrounds throughout the United States (over 16,000), the opportunities are endless. Additionally, some RVers suggest packing lighter and driving at a slightly reduced speed to maximize fuel efficiency.

RV vacations continue to be popular over other vacations not just because of the affordability, but also in part due to the relaxed nature of travel. No set schedule must be adhered to; no planes to catch, security to filter through, or worrying where the next good place to eat is located. Spontaneity is incredibly easy and far more affordable with RV travel as well. Is it Friday afternoon, the weather forecast looks great, and all you can think about is a weekend at the coast? No problem! Fill up the tanks in your RV, and get on the road! RVs are a great way to make sure families have not only a better vacation time, but more if it, too.

According to PKF Consulting, fuel prices would have to increase to over three times their current level to make RVing more expensive for a family of four than other forms of travel.

Gas and diesel prices might go up a few cents in the coming months. However, an RV vacation will remain an economical and rejuvenating alternative that will ensure families have more recreation time together. Isn’t it time for your family to have more quality vacations?

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