RV There Yet? Road Trip Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Travelling with children in an RV is perfect for making family memories, so long as you remember to plan for road trip games to keep them occupied as the miles roll on between destinations. In the modern world, there are some great free apps to entertain the youngsters, or maybe you’d like to leave all that technology behind and introduce them to some old school road trip games. Either way, games are the perfect way to keep enthusiasm up while hunkered down in your seat for hours on end, so let’s explore some of your options.

Road Trip Games: Old School

1. License Plate Lingo:
The goal of this game is to come up with a phrase using only the letters on a chosen license plate. For instances, if someone selects a vehicle with the license plate GTC 396, the first person to come up with a logical phrase, (or not, depending on how you set the rules) such as “Get the cat” gets a point. Whoever gets the point, gets to select the next plate.

2. Counting Cars:
If you’re travelling with young children who are learning their colors and numbers, come up with an age-appropriate challenge, like find four red cars. Or have everyone in the family participate by choosing a color and see how many you all can count in ten minutes.

3. Storytelling:
Depending on the mindset of the participants, this game can get really interesting in a hurry. It begins by having one passenger start a story with a single sentence. The game continues by having each passenger add to the story with an additional sentence. Continue the game until you have completed a story.

4. Rest Stop Games:
When you travel with children, you’ve got to take regular breaks or they’re going to get crabby fast. Plan ahead so that when you stop at rest stops, you’ll have some child-size footballs to throw around, or play a game of tag, anything to help them burn off some energy.

5. The Classics:
Don’t forget to bring a deck of cards and a couple of favorite board games with you. With all the built in seating and tables in an RV, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to sit the family down together for a rousing game.

Road Trip Games: New School

A lot of families are trying to get away from all the TVs and smartphones in their world when they take the kids on vacation, but if you plan these activities in advance, they can work to your advantage in keeping children quietly and happily occupied between stops. Then when you’re ready to have another family adventure, so are they.

1. Before you leave, let your children each pick out a new book, an eBook and/or a movie that they get to read or watch in the down time between activities, like when you’re driving. This helps to build their excitement for the trip and makes it easier to limit how much they have their eyes on a screen.

2. With the excellent stereo systems included in RVs and motorhomes these days, don’t forget to bring music that your kids love. Books on CD are another great option.

3. A number of classic road trip games are now available as apps that the whole family can play together. Remember the fun of Mad Libs or State Plate Bingo when you were young? Now those games and more come in inexpensive apps that work for everyone. There are some great ideas for all ages at Minitime.

3. Depending on where you’re going, educational apps can go hand in hand with your vacation. For instance, if you’re going to one of our amazing national parks like Crater Lake, Yellowstone or Glacier, a nature learning app would compliment the trip.

4. Make a robot, or a car, or anything else that you can run around the campsite. If you’ve got a Legos lover or builder in your family, consider purchasing a build-it-yourself kit with a motor (here’s a fun idea for a solar robot). The kids can build it on the way or in the RV, and then delight the whole family with the results as it walks/rolls around the campsite. DIY travel projects are always good.

Travelling with kids in an RV is an opportunity for the memories and photo-op moments that you’ll cherish forever. Planning ahead is key to making it an all around positive experience. Whether you’re going straight old school, or you’re sneaking in some modern technology for your perfect vacation, plan for entertainment to keep the children happy while you travel.

If you’re in the neighborhood, bring the kids by the Guaranty RV Travel Center for a chance to stretch your legs, get a snack and do some laundry. Or if you’re just starting the journey toward purchasing your own RV, consider renting one first to see what would be best for your family. If you have any questions or you need any assistance with your RV, be sure and give us a call.

Photo: The Tin Can Cottage

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