RV Life On The Road: Heartland Fifth Wheels – Part 1

Here at Guaranty RV, we’re seeing more and more people take up the RV lifestyle every day, whether it’s retired couples who are ready to be done with mortgages and lawn mowing, working people who are following jobs from state to state, or folks who are self-employed and can work from the road. We regularly get questions about how to find the perfect RV that will accommodate an active life above and beyond traveling. We hear things like: “I need a mobile office” or “I need to travel with the tools of my trade and have somewhere to store them.” We often meet craftspeople or artisans who need space in their future RV for supplies. Knowing the kind of lifestyle you’ll be leading and what tools or hobbies you need to have with you are important factors when choosing a home on wheels. You’ll want to keep those things in mind as you look at floor plans. But really the first step is choosing an RV manufacturer that you can count on to give you the most solid, well-built RV for long-term use. That’s why we want to spend the next two weeks talking about one of our favorite and most trusted fifth wheel manufacturers: Heartland.

Fifth wheels are an ideal RV for long-term living because of their towability and their large, flexible floor plans. This week we’ll talk about why Heartland is one of our top choices for this RV style, and look at two perennial favorite fifth wheels for serious RVers: the Bighorn and the Big Country. Next week we’ll look at Heartland’s fifth wheel toy haulers: the perfect RV style for creating a separate office space, craft room or workshop.

Heartland: America’s Trusted 5th Wheel Manufacturer

A company like Heartland is what happens when you bring the best people in an industry together and set them loose to build something better. In 2003, a head of RV engineering, a head of sales and a head of marketing came together to build a better RV. Twelve years later, Heartland is the third-largest retailing fifth wheel manufacturer in the world and is renowned for the quality of their construction, their affordable pricing and their exclusive features. Some of Heartland’s innovations have literally changed the whole RV industry. They invented and patented the Tight Turn Technology system, as well as the Universal Docking Center that is now standard for most fifth wheels. They added large, drop-frame exterior storage with rubber flooring for slip-resistant surfaces and easy cleaning. They were the first to introduce conveniences like full 8’-wide walk-in closets and 50-lb. ball bearing, full-extension drawer glides. They hold patents on over eight different industry-changers, including Titanium Cab Over Technology.

Heartland has also created cold weather packages that make their fifth wheels livable year round. With heated holding and water tank pads that automatically turn on when temperatures drop below freezing, and innovations such as radiant technology insulation and low volt polymer heating cables on the main water lines, you can rest easier when you see the thermometer start to head downward. It’s innovations like these that make Heartland such a trusted manufacturer for RVers around the nation.

And when you step inside a Heartland fifth wheel, you’ll immediately see that they carried this level of innovation and quality construction indoors. Their fifth wheels feature some of the best floor plans in the industry, as well as top-of-the-line flooring, counters, cabinetry, residential furnishings and more. With luxuries like large residential appliances, beautiful fireplaces and entertainment centers, spacious master suites, room to entertain and so much more, Heartland has built a fifth wheel that is truly a place to call home.

Bighorn and Big Country

Heartland debuted the Bighorn fifth wheel in 2004, adding luxurious features that had previously only been available in some of the most expensive fifth wheels, so when it hit the road at a much more mainstream price, it quickly became a popular favorite among lifestyle RVers. Shortly after, Heartland added the Big Country to their luxury fifth wheel line, giving people even more choices in size, floor plans and amenities. Between these two models, you have more than 16 floor plans to choose from, along with a wide array of affordable, luxurious amenities that will make your life on the road even better.

Best yet, because of the well-earned popularity of these models and the fact that RVers tend to stick with Heartland when they’re ready to upgrade, you can sometimes find like-new, pre-owned Bighorn and Big Country fifth wheels for prices that work with almost any budget. So if you’re ready for an RV lifestyle, but thought it was still out of reach, take a look at the pre-owned market to find the Bighorn or Big Country of your dreams.

If you’re in the exploration stage of an RV purchase, the best way to figure out what is right for you is to come down and walk through your favorite models. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help explain differences in amenities and features so that you can find the perfect fifth wheel for your unique lifestyle.

Be sure and give us a call if you have any questions, and check in again next week when we’ll look at Heartland fifth wheel toy haulers—a great option for those of you who need to travel with your own office, craft space or workshop.

For more information check out part 2 of our blog

Photo: Guaranty RV

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