RV 101 Training and Advanced Tech Tips

Fun and FREE at Guaranty RV Super Centers Monthly RV Seminars!!We have all heard the silly slang “TMI”, which stands for too much information and usually is in direct response to someone oversharing. There are many aspects of another person’s experiences that I don’t care to know, whether too personal or too mundane, but sometimes another person’s experience can help you avoid a common problem or provide a solution. I have learned more by listening to the experience and expertise of others than I have through my own experiences and I have grown to value the knowledge of others as a precious resource.

We’re Here To Help

At Guaranty RV Super Centers we want your RV experience to be what it was intended. A stress free escape from the everyday grind. We know that this will not be your experience 100% of the time and you will occasionally need assistance to get back to the leisure lifestyle. That’s why all of our RV departments are open seven days a week, so you can find someone over the phone or in person that can help. Proactive is generally better than reactive and knowing how to avoid or quickly fix an issue can make the difference between enjoying a weekend camping trip and coming home early.
To that end, Guaranty is proactive in dispersing valuable RV information by offering RV specific seminars the second Saturday of every month from January to October.

A Leisure Industry

The RV industry is a leisure industry. What that means is that the entire industry is designed so you can enjoy yourself by removing the day to day stressors and slowing life to a more pleasant pace. That’s why much of the technology found in homes and automobiles are making the way into RVs. The problem is the more stuff bolted onto the RV, the more issues may have an issue. An RV is a complicated machine if you are unfamiliar with the technology. It is a car and a house that has all of the amenities you have become accustomed to but none of them work or function exactly like their automotive or household counter parts. A great example is the RV absorption refrigerator, it works like at home by keeping food cold, but it does it using heat. Whaaaaaa? There are plenty of posts and videos on the web about how the science behind an absorption refrigerator works, which is great, but what if that post or video prompts an additional question? I suppose you could leave the question in the comments and hope that somebody sees it and responds, or you could go directly to industry experts on one of the forums and again hope somebody responds. Or you could attend one of our seminars in person or participate in the Facebook live stream and have your questions answered in real time.

 Information Is The Key

Each seminar has a specific topic, listed below, but they are audience led, which means there really is no such thing as getting “off track.”

• Accessories – Whats right for you and your RV

• RV Basics – Great general information for new or experienced RVers

• Getting Ready for the Season – General maintenance and preparation

• Electrical -12 volt and 110 volt power, batteries, and solar in an RV

• Roof Inspection – How to inspect and maintain your roof and roof seals

• Winterization – The latest techniques to store your RV in the colder months

Experience Counts
Our Presenters have over fifty years RV industry experience.
In fact, they have much more than fifty years experience but don’t like it when I reveal the true number (think closer to a century). Needless to say they have heard and seen it all and have a bag of tricks so big that needs its own wagon to haul it around. There are no stupid questions, and there are certainly no stupid answers. Both Presenters do a good job of keeping the information useful and light-hearted. They have even found a way to make dealing with waste water and dumping procedures hilarious.

Something For Everybody

I have been in the RV Industry since 1992 in just about every job capacity there is. Each time I attend a Guaranty RV Seminar, I learn new things and have old thoughts corrected. If you are a full timer or you just bought your first RV you will not only learn valuable lessons from our Presenters, but your fellow RVers will have tips and insights as well. So come on in and stay awhile. Make some new friends, learn some new information, and when the seminar lets out; The Guaranty RV Travel Center and RV Park have all the parts and accessories you could want. Don’t forget to enjoy our Café & Grocery with an awesome menu, great beer and wine, and our 7 Wonders RV Park is just a few feet away should you want to stay with us.

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