Don’t leave home without your RV folding extension ladder

If you plan on going anywhere in your RV that has trees (which, let’s face it, is most everywhere!), then you’ll want to bring along your RV folding extension ladder.

It seems less obvious than the to-do list standards stock fridge or bring swimsuit, but a ladder will be essential to your happiness as an official RV-er.

In Oregon, the pine needles and wet weather affect everything and get into every nook and cranny. There’s nothing quite like opening your roof vents and having no air ventilation because they’re clogged with leaves and debris. Or, just getting settled in to watch the Duck or Beaver game on the TV only to discover that the satellite dish is no longer facing south!

Cue the ladder to save the day. Without it, you’ll have a stuffy, football-free weekend and that’s no fun. Here are a few tips to help you choose your extension ladder:

RV folding extension ladders should be lightweight and made of a material such as aluminum.
They should easily hook into your roof access ladder and give you at least two extra steps.
They are often interchangeable for motor homes, RV, or truck trailers, so make sure you check this before purchasing.
Make sure that the ladder you choose is solid and non-slip. It should also work with flat or elliptical steps.
Most importantly for those of us that want to get on the roof, get the job done, and get on with it, be aware of how long the extension ladder takes to install and remove. There are several options that clip on and off without the use of tools, and then store easily while you’re traveling.

Here’s an example of what the extension ladder might look like…

To learn more about the RV extension folding ladder that’s right for your motor home, RV, truck trailer and more, contact a friendly member of our Guaranty RV Super Centers Parts store today. They will help you find the ladder that’s best for your needs and your vehicle.

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