Recognition of Guaranty’s Marketing Department

Dear Guaranty:

This week’s shoutout heads in the direction of our marketing department. This team of people reminds me of the annual staff in high school, always around with a camera at every major and minor event recording what is going on. Only now, instead of just a camera, the marketing team has a number of very sophisticated tools at their disposal, digital cameras capable of high definition video, sound microphones, computers with some of the latest digital editing software, high capacity full color printers and banner machines. Also in this day and age, instead of just working up a print ad for a newspaper, and recording a radio script or tv commercial (which we still do) the team takes tens of thousands of still pictures of all the inventory and shoots hundreds of videos to post to the internet, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Auction 123 etc. etc..

Instead of using terms like circulation, or Nielson rating, they commonly speak about ad words, click through, impressions, time on site, geo fencing, conversions, terms that barely existed 20 years ago. AND, much like the lot staff, they are outside a lot, attending all our offsite events, manning a photo booth at a football game on Saturday, checking people in at the country music festival, sitting for hours in front of a computer screen editing a product video, or wearing a 65 pound egg on a hot day. You probably don’t know them, but here they are. Marshall White, Marketing director, I tease him a lot, but he is the finest marketing person I have ever worked with, Jamie, Mr. Creative, he does most of our print work, and is usually the guy inside the egg, he does just about everything, Quinn, marketing specialist, video cameraman, works with our website content, and parts, Ryan, publicity and our reigning BBQ host, Billy and Dan, our photographers, Daryl, sound man, video editor, reputation management, general equipment expert and Heleene, consummate girl Friday, can and will pitch in just about everywhere. You are a great team, and to everyone else, when you see them around the dealership, smile and say hi, maybe they will take your picture.

Thanks for all you do.


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