Our goal to become a world class company

I am excited today, for lots of reasons, but most especially, we are nearing the end of almost 3 continuous years of construction projects, starting with the GTC remodel, then the construction of our eventual collision repair center at 3rd Street, on to the complete tear down and rebuild of Auto Service, and the construction of our new RV Park.

Never in our history have we undergone this level of new construction in such a short period, and I am very excited, as I said, to be nearing the end. They are elements of a puzzle we started some years ago to become a world class organization and although we are almost finished with the nuts and bolts, we still have more work to do. We have asked many of you in meetings throughout this year how you define “world class”. You have had lots of good answers but I think the one I like the best is when we become two things. First, when we become the only place where our customers or potential customers want to do business and second, when we become the company that everyone wants to work for.

Are we there yet? Absolutely not. I see many imperfections, and I am sure all of you see many more, but every day I come to work, I try to make it a better day for our customers and employees than it was yesterday, and I try to make sure tomorrow is going to be better than today. As I look out over the horizon and envision what we will look like, I know we will stumble and fall occasionally, but if we do, we will fall forward, not back and we will never give up, ever. I love working here, I really do and I hope you all do as well and you are just as committed as I am to realizing that goal of becoming a world class company. So, with Passion, Integrity and Teamwork, let’s get going.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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