Our Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailers

Travel trailers come in a million shapes and sizes (okay, maybe not a million), but one thing to always keep in mind is its weight: lightweight travel trailers offer many advantages over their heavier counterparts.

For starters, travel trailers are a good place to begin for new RVers. With a travel trailer, you can make sure that an RV is a worthwhile investment before diving in with an even bigger purchase like a class A!

So, why are lightweight travel trailers so handy? First, they will improve your fuel costs significantly. Simply put, the lighter your trailer is, the more fuel-efficient it will be. If you’re looking to cut costs on fuel, it’s a good idea to check out the weight of your trailer.

Also, lighter trailers typically mean easier towing—both in terms of their drivability and how hard the vehicle you’re towing with has to work. Of course, check the towing capacity of your truck before purchasing a travel trailer to make sure they are compatible!

A top brand of travel trailers is the Jayco brand. Two top of the line Jayco models are the Jay Flight and the Jay series. Both are high quality, lightweight travel trailers.

A less expensive option for lightweight travel trailers is used travel trailers. Here’s a previous post about finding the perfect used model. A couple great pre-owned models include this Northwood Nash and Dutchmen Denali. Even though they’re older models, both have clean interiors and plenty of storage, and are less expensive options to a brand new trailer.

Like we said, when you’re looking for a travel trailer, pay special attention to lightweight models, as they have many added benefits.

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