It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

Guaranty RV Is A Proud Newmar Platinum and Top Ten Dealer

I have always taken exception with the cliché, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” because in fact it’s always some combination of both. Nepotism aside, even if you knew all the decision makers in the world you would still need a skill to offer. I think it is a bit of a clumsy attempt at saying that relationships are more important to ones success than expertise in a field.


I was asked to write a blog regarding Guaranty RV Super Centers being recognized as one of the Top Ten Newmar dealers in the country for sales and receiving the coveted Platinum Service Award for customer satisfaction again for 2018. As I strolled through our archives researching the topic I was struck by the number of press releases and articles going back more than a decade on the subject. Interestingly, each references the quality of the relationship between Guaranty RV and Newmar more than the awards and recognition itself. It looks like we can add this one to that list as well.


The sales award might seem unimportant to consumers reading this blog. Newmar makes such a fine coach, it shouldn’t be hard to sell them. While some would say this is a true statement, it does not take into account that only about 1% of U.S. Households have purchased high end Class A motorhomes. What I am trying to say is winning a Newmar award for sales is like fishing your limit from a puddle while you’re surrounded by other fishermen.


Newmar sets a high bar in the RV industry but to their credit they are always looking for ways to improve, regardless of the recognition or awards they receive. A large segment of RV manufacturers are only looking to improve their financials, which is the way of much of the world today, however both Newmar and Guaranty recognize that concentrating on the dollar doesn’t make the most sense. Concentrating on a healthy relationship with one’s customers and suppliers will pay more dividends financially than any cost cutting measures. Cutting costs often equals cutting corners, which reduces the quality of any offering. This results in straining the relationship between business and customer as well as business and supplier. Guaranty is fortunate enough to have many long-term relationships within the industry and we are proud to be recognized by many of our suppliers as a company of note, but we also continue to strive for improvement.


Newmar has a strict set of criteria to qualify as a Platinum Dealer which makes qualifying not only a great honor, but a good barometer of our customers satisfaction with not only Newmar but with Guaranty RV and your service experiences here. To be a Platinum Dealer a dealership must maintain a 90% or higher customer satisfaction rating for delivery and after sale service, and have Newmar factory trained technicians. This standard will rise to 95% in the coming year. Guaranty currently rates at 94.9%.


It is difficult to keep 90% of people satisfied in any industry or pursuit and the same is true for the RV industry. Thankfully Newmar Corp. allows Guaranty RV to build solid relationships with our mutual customers. This desire to improve our relationships led to the creation of a unique program for us here at Guaranty RV. In order to continue to meet Newmar’s rigorous standards we appointed a long time Service Manager, Sherry Rouillard, as our dedicated Newmar Service Manager due to her relationships with their factory representatives and her warm and detailed approach with service customers. The program is quite the success and these kind words express it’s results better than I ever could.

It might be tempting to be satisfied with this success but we look for ways to improve your experience with us, and the RV industry as a whole, everyday. We continue to add value as an RV Destination with new offerings, and by adjusting current operations. First was our 11,000 square foot Guaranty RV Travel Center that is a parts store and service center, a café and grocery, and a laundromat. To compliment those amenities, and to give the surrounding area a high quality place to camp, we recently completed the Guaranty RV Park with 55 spaces, a pavilion with activities all year long, a dog run, and two convenient dump stations. There is much on the horizon for Guaranty RV Super Centers and some will be obvious like new facilities and some will be less obvious like improved internal processes, but in the end all our efforts are designed to improve our relationships. That way if anybody asks, you can tell them not to worry, you’ve got a friend in the RV business.






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