National Parks and Forests in Oregon to Visit in 2020

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake Oregon - Guaranty RV
Image courtesy of: Maarten Brinkerink

If you’re traveling through southern Oregon, we’re big fans of planning a stop at Crater Lake National Park. There’s tons of things to do for families, campers, and just recreational hikers looking to pop-in for an hour or two.

If you’re going to make the visit for hiking, camping, or whatever – you have to take a second to admire the majesty of the lake. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and it’s extremely peaceful to visit and enjoy the view. The color of the lake appears as a very intense blue because it’s so deep and the source water is so pure. The cliffs feed the lake with snow and rainfall, and the lake is touted as one of the cleanest large bodies globally.

The camping here is outstanding, and the 2020 season is projected to open on June 12 – they have plenty of accommodations for RVs and tents on their Mazama campground, so if you’re planning a trip through southern Oregon, we recommend checking out Crater Lake.

  • Crater Lake National Park RV Camping Season is projected to open on June 12, 2020

Willamette National Forest

Willamette National Forest sprawls a massive 1,678,031 acres and there is plenty to do here all year round. If you’re looking for winter fun, the Big Springs Sno-Park is a local favorite. They do require a permit to access the park, but it’s easy to acquire from the USDA Forest Service. If you’re into snowmobiling, this is the place for you to check out. They have a few different trails available for just basic hiking, and others designated specifically for snowmobiles.

The hiking is great here whether it’s winter or summer, spring or fall! With snow trails, waterfalls, mountain climbing, and lake activities, it’s a great stop for any Oregon road trip you plan on taking in 2020.

At Willamette National Forest, the RV camping is solid, but hookups aren’t provided. A few of the campgrounds have areas that are difficult to reach by RV, but if you plan on camping there, just reach out to the local Ranger station before your trip. The Rangers can help you find the best route in and out of certain areas, as well as let you know if you’re trying to camp in an area that may be difficult to reach.

You can check out the RV camping details for Willamette National Forest and make sure you find the right place to camp.

2020 is set to be a great year for an RV road trip! Feel free to reach out to us or just stop by the dealership to talk shop about your favorite road trip stops!

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