Nash Travel Trailers

By: Guaranty RV
Posted On: October 9, 2017
For more than 24 years, Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City has been the dealership for Northwood Nash travel trailers. In fact, Guaranty was one of the first Northwood Nash dealers in 1993. With seven different floorplans to choose from, and custom built durable chassis, Northwood Nash Trailers are a top pick for Guaranty shoppers.

Northwood Manufacturing

Northwood manufacturing is in Northeastern Oregon. Ron Nash founded the RV company in 1993, and now the brand employs more than 400 people, making it one of the largest private-sector employers in the area. Ron Nash loved the idea of the Nash travel trailers so much, that he named the trailers after himself.

We’ve told you all about Northwood’s Arctic Fox truck camper line, which is just a step up from the Nash travel trailer. Similar to the Arctic Fox, the Nash travel trailer line is custom built and features aluminum siding. Plus, all Nash trailers feature the Absolute Northwood promise, which promises a quality production process. Absolute Northwood promises quality insulation, bonded truss roofs and residential style cabinets.

The structural steel off-road chassis provides excellent structural integrity if you enjoy hitting the dirt roads more than the paved freeways. And if you hit one or two bumps on the road, no worries, the Nash travel trailer has residential style cabinets that are secure, so you can be assured they will stay in place. We’ve mentioned the Absolute Northwood promise before, but if you are in the market for a new RV, this will reassure that you made a quality choice.

If winter RVing is your style, Nash Northwood trailers will keep you warm in harsh winter conditions. Not only is the insulation residential quality foam, but all the important parts—holding tanks, dump valves, etc. are outfitted to withstand harsh elements. Of course, this insulation doesn’t only keep your trailer warm, it also keeps it cool during hot summer days.

Northwood created an RV perfect for all year weather, so you can check out the best waterfalls or hot springs in Oregon without sacrificing comfort. Plus, with so many different types of travel trailer floorplans, Nash has truly made shopping for your perfect RV fun!

Nash Floorplans

2018 Nash 17 K Travel Trailer Floorplan

Nash 17k

We agree with reviewers and shoppers, the huge rear window is one of the best parts of this floorplan. All of the windows in this model provide natural light and the cathedral arch ceilings provide enough space to make you feel like you’re in the outdoors without the discomfort of the elements. This floor plan sleeps four people, is 22’4” and features a dry bath. This floor plan features a bed in the front, the full dry bath in the middle and the dinette in the back of the trailer. This floor plan is perfect for a couple or small family looking for their next adventure.

2018 Nash 22 H Travel Trailer Floorplan

Nash 22H

The Nash 22H is slightly longer than the 17K with a couch in front of the bed. Compared to the 17K, this floor plan is nice because the sleeping area is separate from the main cabin space. The bathroom is a slightly larger dry bath, placed in the back of the trailer. Similar to all of their floor plans, Nash allows for natural light to come through. Although this model does not have the large rear window, it does have plenty of smaller windows throughout the trailer. There is a window next to the dinette, and in the kitchen and two in the sleeping space. The dry bath feels even bigger with a large skylight above the shower. This floor plan also has a larger dinette, so you can seat all of your friends and family members.

2018 Nash 23 D Travel Trailer Floorplan

Nash 23D

The Nash 23D, is longer at 25’10’. The biggest difference between this floor plan is the dinette slide out and the optional “sit-n-sleep.” This option is great because it gives you more sleeping space in the travel trailer. This floor plan also has more storage, with extra pantry space and a wardrobe in the bathroom and the main sleeping space. Like the Northwood Nash 22H, the Nash 23D also features separation between the main space and the bedroom. Priced around $29,876, this RV makes an excellent travel partner.

2018 Nash 24 M Travel Trailer Floorplan

Nash 24M

The Nash 24M is a lot like the 23D, only the kitchen layout is different. The 23D features the kitchen on one side, and the dinette on the other side. The 24M has the couch in the slide out, with the dinette across from the couch. The kitchen space is on the same side of the couch, with the fridge across the galley next to the dinette. The 24M also has a much larger pantry next to the fridge. This floor plan also features the optional sit-n-sleep, but in this model the sit-n-sleep would be in the slide out, which provides more space. This floor plan is also one of the four floor plans that features two entrances.

2018 Nash 25 C Travel Trailer Floorplan

Nash 25C

The Northwood Nash 25C is 28’8” and one of the largest of the Nash trailers. This trailer is the bigger version of the 23D, with a similar floor plan. This floor plan has the kitchen on one side, the dinette in the slide out and the fridge next to the dinette. The pantry is smaller than the pantry in the 24M, but this allows space for the sink to be outside of the dry bath. It is nice to have the sink outside of the main bath for people to brush their teeth while someone else is in the washroom. One of the defining features in this travel trailer is the bunk in the back of the vehicle. The bunk has a private bed, perfect for your kiddo or friend. The Nash 25C can sleep 6 people, perfect for most families.

2018 Nash 26 N Travel Trailer Floorplan

Nash 26N

The Northwood Nash 26N is one of the newest layouts in the Nash line. Shoppers love this option because it has a big, beautiful window in the back of the trailer. Like all the other Northwood Nash trailers, this trailer has high ground clearance, and a stable chassis. This travel trailer is bigger than some of the other floor plans, and it also has cathedral ceilings, making it feel even larger. In this model, there is a couch in the back that makes into a bed, instead of a bunk like the 25C. The dinette is in a slide, and it makes into a bed as well. The dry bath in this floor plan is different than any of the other floor plans, because it has the toilet separate from the bathtub/shower and sink. The sink and shower feel like they are in the main bedroom, giving the space a master-suite feel.

2018 Nash 29 S Travel Trailer Floorplan

Nash 29S

The Northwood Nash 29S is the biggest, and can sleep the most people. The trailer has two entrances, and one of the entrances opens into the bathroom, which is great after a long, muddy day hiking or 4-wheeling. This floor plan is unique because it has two stacked bunks in the back, allowing for two extra large sleeping spots/ The main galley features the kitchen on one side, a pantry, and a curved counter space for more counter room. Across from the kitchen, there is a large dinette, and a couch. The dinette and couch also fold into sleeping spaces, which together means that this model sleeps ten people. The main bedroom is in the front of the trailer just like the other Northwood Nash models. But this sleeping space has more than just a divider separating it from the main space, it has a whole entertainment system in between the bedroom and the main galley. The entertainment center creates a wall for additional privacy. The floor plan in the Nash 29S is perfect for a large family, or shoppers who need more space in their trailer.

Northwood is one of the brands we suggest to shoppers looking for a quality trailer, with a good price tag. The Absolute Northwood promise keeps shoppers confident in their decision, and the wide array of floor plan options make it so you can find the perfect trailer for your next adventure. If you are interested in purchasing a Northwood Nash trailer, or if you have any questions about the different options, please contact us today.