Living the RV Lifestyle with Disabilities

Just because you’re living with a disability, doesn’t mean you should give up on living the RV lifestyle. Whether you’re getting older and finding it more difficult to move about, or whether you’re living with a disability that impairs your mobility, the open road is still calling to you and there are plenty of ways to make your RV mobility accessible. Bustling, crowded airports or train stations, cramped seats and complicated layovers may not be your thing anymore; RVing is a great way to get out and travel without all the hassle. Enjoy the comfort of your own private home away from home.

Wherever you roam, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. There are plenty of people living with disabilities who are out on the road, living their dream lifestyle in an RV. There’s even a group called the Handicapped Travel Club, where RVers with disabilities connect and swap resources. Read on for some tips on making your existing RV more accessible, plus an overview of the top RVs for people with disabilities.

“Ability Equipping” Your RV
There are a variety of ways that an RV can be ability equipped in order to make them wheelchair or mobility accessible. With a few alterations, every aspect of your RV lifestyle can become accessible and/or wheelchair ready.

1. Driving
As with most cars and other vehicles, your motorhome can be equipped with hand controls for drivers with disabilities. The freedom of being out on the open road, exploring the back roads of this beautiful country, is more accessible than ever.

2. Getting In and Out of Your RV
Almost every new RV model, whether it’s a truck camper or a 40-foot diesel pusher, is now coming equipped with an entry assist handle to help you step in and out. If you or your travel partner use a wheelchair, you can have an electric lift installed.

3. Getting Around and Staying Comfortable
A wide floor plan goes a long way when it comes to a wheelchair accessible RV. But beyond that, there are several alterations you can have done to make it easier to get around. Having handles installed throughout the coach, installing a shower seat, raising the toilet or lowering the bed are all alterations that can make getting around in your RV easier.

Ask the Guaranty RV Service Center about ability-equipping your RV. There are a ton of resources available online for people interested in the various ways you can make your RV more accessible. If you’re looking to purchase a mobility accessible RV, read on for an overview of some of the best RVs for people with disabilities.

Accessible and Wheelchair Ready RVs
When it comes to accessible and wheelchair ready RVs, there may be more options available than you think. Floor plans like the Newmar Canyon Star 3911 come straight from the factory decked out in accessibility features. One of the most impressive aspects of this unit is the NHTSA-compliant Braun Century 2 electric wheelchair lift. From lowered dresser drawers in the bedroom, to the ADA-approved shower and the 30”-wide front-to-back pathway, you have everything you need on this unit to RV comfortably in your wheelchair.

Another company that’s well-known for their commitment to offering accessible options for RVers with disabilities is Winnebago. Read more about Winnebago’s Ability Equipping program, here.

When you come down to Guaranty RV to find your dream RV, ask us about the accessible and wheelchair ready models that we currently have available. We often bring in great pre-owned units that feature a variety of modifications for accessibility, so our stock changes regularly and we have a variety of options available all the time. You can also ask about ability equipping modifications that are available by contacting the Guaranty RV Service Department directly. For all other inquiries, give us a call or send us a message.

Photo: Newmar Corporation

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