Live-Streaming coming to Guaranty RV

As you may know, Guaranty has had tremendous success creating walkthrough videos, educational content, product demonstrations and RV lifestyle videos on YouTube. Guaranty was one of the first RV dealers in America to embrace the new technology and in fact, just had its first video surpass 2,800,000 views! Due to our success, we’ve decided to bring on a new form of content for RV enthusiasts by way of a weekly live stream event, right from our dealership here in Junction City, Oregon.

What’s a live stream?
Good question! A live stream is essentially a live broadcast of an event streamed directly to the Internet. For our purpose, we will use Facebook as the host. So all you have to do is log onto your Facebook account to view us live at 9 am Friday (Pacific Daylight Time). One of the best features of a live stream is that viewers will be able to actively participate in the show. Using the comments section, you can ask questions, leave comments and make recommendations. We will monitor all actively during the show and answer all your questions, live on the air.

One live show will take place each Friday. This industry-first puts you face-to-face with RV experts and provides an avenue for you to ask questions Live on the air, asking any questions you might have along the way.

Guaranty is really excited to provide RV enthusiasts with this cutting edge technology. Of course, as a live segment your participation will drive our demand. The more engagement and viewers, the more shows and topics we will cover. So tune in and be ready for some fun and educational live streams from Guaranty RV!

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