Let’s go camping! – An introduction to the camping world of RVing

Are you just beginning to dip your toe in the great big world of RV camping? We’re so glad you’re joining the thousands of people that have already embraced the great outdoors! With so many options these days to enjoy camping, it may be tough to know where to begin.

Want a few tips and tricks to make your inaugural trip a bit more enjoyable? Here are a few of our favorite ideas for the best RV experience:

1. The RV camping world is smaller than you think. Start by attending an RV Rally. These are fun events filled with seasoned RVers who can show you the ropes and share a few tales from the road. You’ll meet folks that are year-rounders and also those who simply like a weekend away. One of the best things about the rallies is that you’ll get to see lots of RVs and accessories owned by people just like you.

2. Decide on a destination. Have you been meaning to see the Steen Mountains, but don’t feel like sleeping in a rustic cabin in the desert? Or does a weekend at the Oregon Coast sound like the perfect getaway, but you’d rather avoid staying in a costly hotel? Sleeping in your own bed sure does sound nice! You can always try a <a href="http://bit.ly/YT17kC rental RV] first to see how you like it.

3. Be comfortable. If you want to have the feel of tent camping with the comfort of a soft bed, then a tent-trailer might be a good option. If you can't go a day without a hot shower, perhaps a 5th wheel or trailer might suit you. Or if you want all the luxuries of home, but in a scenic setting, then consider a motorized RV or motorhome. Whatever your needs, the great big camping world of RVing is ready and waiting for you to enjoy it. So get out there!

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