Keystone Cougar RVs

Some of the most innovative designs you’ll find in RVing are those from Keystone. We like the Cougar model in particular— these models are known for their cool tech features and a comfortable living space.

As far as technology goes, you’ll be happy to know that most models come with a 19” LCD TV in the extra room. This pre-owned Keystone Cougar 300SRX has a complete entertainment center with a flat screen TV among other features.

The Keystone Cougar models are complete with CD/DVD systems with speakers and separate zones. These RVs have a stereo complete with Mp3 player compatibility, and satellite and cable hookup for the TV.

Cougars not only have great technology features, but they have comfortable living spaces for the whole family as well. In addition to a large sleeping capacity, this 2010 Keystone Cougar 29BHS has plenty of storage, including exterior storage, cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.

For an RV that is a perfect combination of comfortable and cool, consider the Keystone Cougar. To see our selection of Keystone Cougar RVs, or to browse other new and used RV models, click here.

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