Just Because It’s Winter Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Use Your RV

Some of the best vacations can be done in the snow. Here are 3 fun places to visit this winter.

1. Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort

Calling all snow bunnies! Central Oregon is a beautiful place to take your RV in winter, and Mt. Bachelor has great passes for skiing and snowboarding fanatics alike. Plus, the mountain features RV parking right on site.

If you’re inexperienced when it comes to snow sports, Bachelor has a number of great lesson options. Bring the whole family along and take advantage of their Kids Ski Free packages, too! In addition to traditional snow sports, you can find tubing, snowshoe tours and sled dog rides on the mountain, too.

When you need a break, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace in the lounge, or let your pup play in the snow at the dog park right outside the resort.

Plus, Bachelor is just outside Sunriver—the perfect hub of winter activities in and of itself. Sunriver Stables is the place to go for a sleigh ride, and ice-skating at the village mall is always a popular choice. But whether or not you take a trip to the village, you can experience all the best things about Oregon RV winter camping at Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

2. Oregon Coast

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the Oregon coast is actually warmer during the winter months. But weather isn’t the only reason to visit the coast in the winter.

Early winter is the perfect time for whale watching, because whale populations begin their migrations south and are easier to spot. There are plenty of good places to do this, and Newport and Florence are especially well known for great whale watching.

Storm watching is another popular wintertime activity at the coast. Go to high points along the coastline, like a lighthouse or other viewpoint, to watch the storm and waves crash along the shores. Our coastline is famous for spectacular storms that hit during the winter.

Here’s another one that the kids in particular will love: hunting for treasures and trinkets onshore. During winter, low tides and unusual sand formations caused by the weather patterns lead to cool objects washing up on the coast. Read this article for examples of some of the crazy things that have been found along Oregon’s coast during the winter months.

And if you’d like to take another family excursion during your time at the coast, visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which offers free RV parking on site.

3. Yellowstone National Park

National parks are great for summer family vacations, but if you take your RV in winter you can still take in all the beauty while simultaneously avoiding the big crowds. No matter the weather, there is always plenty of wildlife out and about to see when you visit Yellowstone.

This is another kid-friendly trip, and it’s a great opportunity to teach your children about the National Park system with a visit to America’s first. Hiking, camping, and even guided tours by snowmobile are all things to do at the park. Yellowstone’s mountains, lakes, rivers and canyons are more beautiful than ever covered in snow. Click here to make a reservation at Yellowstone’s RV park.

Don’t let the changing seasons discourage you from getting out for some RV winter camping. If you’d like to prep your RV for traveling in the cold weather, give us a call today.

Photo: jcookfisher

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