Junction City: A Key Role in RV Manufacturing

For decades, Junction City, Oregon has been known as a manufacturing hub for recreational vehicles, and remains one of the top cities in the nation for the number of RVs.

Our town of Junction City was originally founded to be the junction for main rail lines in Oregon. Although these plans fell through, it earned the name of “junction” and didn’t lose its emphasis on transportation. The town became the largest RV industry in the United States during the 1970’s. Now, the area is still incredibly RV-friendly: with campsites, manufacturers and service departments, it’s the perfect place for all things RV.

And beyond just an atmosphere that is welcoming to RVers, we have plenty of resources, too: everything you need, whether it be a brand new vehicle, to accessories, to service and RV seminars, you’ll find it hear in Junction City. And with a scenic location right off Highway 99, there will be plenty of views to take in once your RV is outfitted and ready to go.

Our selection at Guaranty plays a large part in the RV industry of Junction City. We have over 750 recreational vehicles to choose from and we get additional new and pre-owned models in daily.

If you have questions about the RV culture in Junction City, or to see our selection of RVs, contact us today.

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