Guaranty Powers Cosmos Bellotti Foundation Dinner

Guaranty Chevrolet and RV Super Centers are proud to announce that as of August 27, 2015, the 13 groups we have sponsored through the Cosmos Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation have raised $42,874! To help celebrate this accomplishment, Guaranty powered a celebration dinner at Junction City High School with Coach Mike Bellotti, the Cosmos Family and several organizations who have worked hard fundraising over the past year.

The dinner was a great opportunity for all those involved in the program to reflect back on their accomplishments and start setting new goals for the upcoming year. By sponsoring the 13 groups, Guaranty provided an avenue for these organizations to sell bags of Cosmos and keep 100% of the funds earned!

Some of the highlights from the groups sponsored by Guaranty include:

Oaklea Middle School in Junction City raised $3,840 to aid in the cost of a new playground structure that will be open to the students and the neighborhood children.

Nature Discovery Christian School in Eugene raised almost $5,000 to help with improvements to the school. They’ve already been able to install a new water fountain in the hallways, baseboards and help with chapel construction.

Bridge Open Bible group has raised over $2,000 to help pay for youth camps, sports camps and to supply orphanages in Mexico with much needed supplies.

East and West Lane 4-H have combined to raise nearly $5,000 as well. Their funds helped pay for entries into the Lane County Fair and to help rebuild a program that had been shut down for a few years.

North Eugene Dance Team raised $1,920. Their funds helped provide the girls with new outfits and costumes that they were in desperate need for. As a result, the team placed in State for the first time in school history!

Livingway Missionaries raised $1,200 to help a group on a mission to Haiti where they were able to work the youth their and provide aid.

Elmira Football raised $4,944 to help provide a huge boost to the football team’s budget and buy new equipment.

Oakridge High School raised nearly $1,000 so far. Their funds will go towards helping kids go on a trip to Washington D.C.

You can also check out this special video that some of the organizations did to highlight their accomplishments and say a special thanks to Guaranty.

“We are proud to be a part of the Cosmos Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation. This has done a great job of helping youth groups attain the goals that they have in mind for their kids. This really is the fundraising of the future and will help these kids learn new skills along the way. So give these kids a pat on the back and buy the product when they knock on your door.”

–Shannon Nill

Are you a leadership group looking for a sponsor to help you get involved with the Cosmos Bellotti Sports and Leadership foundation? Contact Jennifer Archer for more details.

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