Guaranty Joins Jordan Kent in the Commitment to Health.

There were no couch potatoes at the Jordan Kent Skill Camps in Eugene, Oregon. Guaranty Chevrolet and RV Super Centers is proud to be associated with Jordan Kent and his commitment to a healthy community. The Jordan Kent Skill Camps mission is to help kids live the happiest and healthiest lives they can.

At the Jordan Kent Skill Camps, they can to make sure boys and girls leave feeling that they had their best camp experience ever. This begins with an inclusive, energetic atmosphere that is both positive and professional.

Each camp offers valuable sport training offered in variety of sports ranging from football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and speed/agility training. Campers are introduced to core lessons in nutrition education, introducing them to topics such as carbohydrates, good fats vs. bad fats, and how to make healthier meal choices daily.

In addition, they emphasize a life skill every day, ensuring that campers understand the value of developing strong character and the success it brings on and off the field. Finally, the camps are fun. They provide a variety of wacky games, gear, contests, and prizes that create lasting memories with the camper.

Boys and girls ages 6-12 are welcome to participate. For more information on the Jordan Kent Skill Camps visit here:

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