You’re a Good Eggie at Guaranty

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Solved! At Guaranty the egg came well before the chicken, or rooster actually. Eggie has been our beloved mascot for decades and as a reward for his dedeggation Guaranty is proud to introduce Eggie’s Good Egg limited edition collectables, or as we like to call them “Good Eggies”. Cute, miniature foam eggs likenesses of our mascot that come in various colors and emotional poses reminiscent of Eggie enjoying his outdoor adventures.

Starting your collection is simple; Buy any vehicle or RV from Guaranty and, at the time of purchase, we will start you off with your first Good Eggie and a custom egg carton. Everyone starts off with a classic representation of the egg himself, Eggie.

Then each month, during 2019, a new miniature foam likeness of our beloved mascot, “Eggie”, will be released by Guaranty.

Each month you can earn additional Good Eggies by participating in one of our events or activities. You can attend a special event at Guaranty, take a test drive of qualifying new products, stay a week or more at our RV Park, attend a rally, or refer friends of family to Guaranty. Collect all 12 to join the Good Eggie Dozens Club with all the bragging rights associated.

  • January – Attend the Eugene RV Palooza
  • February – Send a Referral
  • March – Attend a Seminar
  • April – Attend the Chevy Silverado Launch Party
  • May – ???? – You’ll have to check back! 

The only way to earn more Good Eggies is to participate, but if you just can’t make an event that’s okay

Unable to attend our events in person to earn your Good Eggie?

Don’t fret, as we said, Guaranty will provide a few opportunities throughout the year to earn your additional Good Eggie’s simply by taking a photo of yourself with your Good Eggie collectible on your travels. Preferential treatment will go to those who are pictured with a Guaranty vehicle or RV, and don’t forget to tag it @Guaranty. If you Instagram use the hashtag #GoodEggie. Simply email [email protected] with your photo, name and the photos location and Guaranty will email you a certificate** entitling you to that particular months Good Eggie collectible. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn all the details including supply availability and the given months Good Eggie collectible opportunity.

What if you get started in the middle of the year?

You have twelve months to collect your full dozen Good Eggie’s to qualify for the Dozen’s Club and the distinction it provides.

How do I redeem my certificates?

Each certificate can be redeemed at the Guaranty RV Travel Center at 93668 HWY 99 or the Guaranty Chevrolet showroom at 20 HWY 99 South, both in Junction City, Oregon at any time during business hours. Only make it out to see us once a year? That’s okay, bring all your Good Eggie certificates and redeem them all at once. Remember a full dozen gets you into Eggie’s Good Egg Dozens Club and the prestige is no yolk!

Why Eggs?

Guaranty has long used the slogan, “Eggs are cheaper in the country and so are cars, trucks, motorhomes and trailers” as a way to remind folks of our country values. From this slogan many years ago, Eggie was born as a cartoon icon and eventually also became our physical mascot. Over the years Eggie has appeared in lots of commercials and frequently makes special appearances for his adoring fans at fundraisers and mascot gatherings. Because of his hard work and dedeggation, Guaranty thought it would be fun to share his miniature likeness with everyone.

So much of owning a quality and dependable vehicle is the freedom to explore, whether that’s a road trip in a new Chevy or a camping trip in a motorhome, truck camper, or trailer. We would love to accompany you on your travels, but there is probably not enough room, and we have to work. So let us know where you have been with a photo of you and your Good Eggie collectible.

More ways to participate!

Guaranty holds free educational RV Seminars at the Guaranty RV Travel Center & RV park on the first Saturday of every month from January through October. We also invite everyone to our Open House Luncheons during the beautiful summer months every Tuesday at noon, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Lunch is provided by the Guaranty Cafe and our friends from Lochmead Dairy bring in a selection of delicious locally made ice cream. Even if you live far enough from our Junction City facilities that dropping by for a seminar or lunch is hard to accomplish; We tour the state nine months out of the year bringing our RV Palooza events to almost two dozen locations across Western Oregon. Any and all of these events will present another opportunity to add to your Good Eggie collection, and all you have to do is show up. Need more ways to add to the collection? Stay tuned. We may include a Good Eggie for attending a rally on site or with the Guaranty Travelers. You can even add a Good Eggie to your collection by referring a friend or relative that purchases a vehicle from Guaranty RV or Guaranty Locally Owned Chevrolet while supplies last.


*Subject to Guaranty discretion. Every effort will be made to post all photos.

**Available while supplies last.












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