Glamping with “Destinations Travel Magazine”

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know that we recently went glamping with Darlene Perrone with “Destinations Travel Magazine.” Now, the word glamping stems from glamorous camping. A self-proclaimed luxe girl, Darlene wasn’t sure she was going to enjoy glamping, mainly because of the camping part. What she found, however, was that after the first night she was completely sold on the RV lifestyle.

Newmar luxury will do that to people. She spent one glorious week traveling the Oregon Coast in a 2007 Newmar Mountain Aire. With a king size bed, four Sony ® televisions, roomy galley, exceptional lighting (including rope lights for RV), plush furniture and so much more, the accommodations were, shall we say, more than comfortable.

I followed behind in a 2006 Winnebago Outlook and often found myself laughing as people stopped and pointed to the Newmar as we meandered through towns. It is an impressive sight to see. Of course, Darlene, being the hospitable lady she is often invited people into tour after we settled into the RV resorts. The manager from Delicate Palate Bistro in Pacific City even commented on the actual grout found between the polished porcelain floor tiles. Yes, glamping is all about the details (including gourmet food and high-end wine found in fine dining establishments such as the Delicate Palate).

Ask Darlene now what she thinks about RVing and you’ll hear the voice of a life-long enthusiast (as long as the four-door refrigerator is fully stocked with Tillamook and Blue Heron cheeses and the cabinets possess a healthy amount of Oregon wine). Whether watching “Master Chef” in the living area or traveling the scenic 101, life in a Newmar is “Impressive. Inviting. Incomparable.”

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