Get Your RV Roof Inspected at the Travel Center

This time of year, keeping the roof of your travel trailer or motorhome sealed and secured is vital. In the winter, ice can compromise the integrity of roof seals, or water can seep into seals that are just plain worn out. Most experts recommend sealing your RV twice per year, once when winterizing in the fall, and once when de-winterizing in the spring, depending on where you live. Here in Oregon, freezing temperatures and torrential rainfall are pretty much guaranteed in winter. Whether you’re from the Willamette Valley or just passing through on your way to the coast, Ashland, or Bend, stop on by the Travel Center at Guaranty RV to get your roof inspected.

Repairing the roof on your RV can get costly very quick. On top of that, water that seeps into your RV can damage the walls or the interior. The worst part, is that water damage is virtually irreversible, you’ll need to replace damaged areas completely. The damage from having worn, damaged, or under-maintained seals can cause thousands of dollars worth of repairs, and most of this kind of damage is completely preventable. At the Travel Center we offer free roof inspections and advice for maintaining your seals from our talented service team. Our fully-equipped parts store has a range of caulk, silicone, and seals to suit any RV, should you need to make some repairs. Too busy to re-caulk or replace your roof seals? No problem, we can take care of any maintenance or repair issues that come up.

Spring and Fall, those times of weather transition in the Northwest, are the best times to get your roof seals inspected and make any needed repairs. You don’t want to head into winter with already compromised seals and incur a lot more damage to your RV. Likewise, you don’t want to head out in your RV over Memorial Day weekend and realize you’ve got a roof leak or dry rot.

Call 1 (877) 822-2553 for details and to schedule your free roof inspection. If you have further questions about the Travel Center, RV service, auto service, and more contact us online, by phone, or come by.

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